Sai showed me how people work to earn their living

Sairam friends,

Lots happened at workplace. I felt very bad for some fools don’t know how to treat Employees and they are doing stuff which ruins Employee morale. Anyway, I shall write about it later on.

Something which happened at night made me think deep about the way people perceive their “Work”.

We are doing some construction work in our home to raise the level of the flooring outside the compound as at times rain water along with ditch water gets in during rainy season. This again is due to unorganized drainage system that every other ordinary Indian is supposed to adjust with. This person does such work regularly in our home.

When I reached home at 10.2o PM, I was wondering why he is working on the flooring with cement and sand late at night? My parents did complain that he started the work before 10 days but left our home and did work for other houses. That doesn’t mean he has to work so late to complete the work. I sat to have dinner but felt very painful someone is working from morning for us. I went to him and shouted if its right to work so late at night. He said, someone else is keep on calling him to fix the Door for 3-4 days and he has to do it once he completed our work. So he prefers to work until 3 A.M early in the morning.

I was shocked why he wants to work all night. Its cold these days in Coimbatore too. I asked my Father to sleep and looked after him. I kept speaking to him and asked if he does such night work regularly? He said that he will do it occassionally. I told him to have biscuits and snacks but he only had Tea my Mom woke up and made for him at 3 A.M.

All of us felt bad for making someone work at night but he wouldn’t listen to us.

I like such ordinary Indians and admire their way of life. He kept on telling me not to be awake as I have to go to work next morning. I was near him just to give him company.

Sai showed me how people work to earn their living. Once again!

Makes me feel am so lazy.

Ok Tata

Getting late for work.

Please bless me to do something productive Sai!


1 thought on “Sai showed me how people work to earn their living”

  1. Sai Ram Venkat,

    Sai bless you Dear.
    U r tooo great.
    Doing good job.

    Jab tak apka article padhte nai tab tak din achha
    Nai jata. Really
    U r allready bless by God.

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