Try to understand Sai

Sairam friends,

I don’t have anything to do this weekend. I completely stopped doing all my projects and simply wondering what’s right for me to pursue. I am totally bored and feel that I am not doing anything good to myself or anyone else. I sincerely pray Saibaba to show me a way and guide me to do something productive.

Sai’s path is Karmamarga. That is – We must do some work and only by doing work we can make our life meaningful.

I don’t know why I am not able to do anything and feel really bored every single weekend.

Having said that, I wanna know the greatness in “Being Sai”

I am analyzing responsibilities of Shirdi Saibaba. Sai accepts prayers from millions of devotees. Each devotee has to be individually attended to and specially taken care by Saibaba. Imagine how Sai can do it to millions of devotees? Individual attention?

I feel we are making people misunderstand the real sweetness of Saibaba by speaking about “Shirdi Saibaba Miracles”. I don’t know why many Sai devotees are hooked to such an idea about Sai. Baba himself never encaurages “Miracles’. Baba rarely uses his siddhi. He is a very natural saint. Sai naturally helps a devotee in most cases. Very rarely will we feel Sai has applied his siddhi to help a devotee. In my opinion, we must not exaggerate Sai with the word “Miracle”. His leela is love. His miracles are filled with affection on you. He never does anything that is completely unnatural. It is a personal connection between a devotee and Sai which helps to understand how Sai worked to benefit him or her.

Ofcourse, Miracles do happen when you are devoted to Sai. Saibaba has shown me how he knows about what’s gonna happen in future. To me, those are not at all miracles. I personally call is as “Sai’s love on me”.

Why on Earth should Saibaba do miracles in the first place? It basically cares for you. He knows you for several births. So hold on and keep remembering Sai.

When Sai doesn’t seem to help you enough, try to give him sometime. Don’t be upset with him and accept life as it is.

Sai has to take care of his millions of devotees individually.

You must keep yourself in a place where Sai receives several millions of prayers every minute

A Mother worried about her Daugher’s wedding.

A girl worried about her husbands career and health

A child worried about her studies

A man worried about his business

These’s no end our desire and hence there’s no end to our prayers. Sai honestly is receiving all your prayers.

Just that he dropped them in your “Karma pot”

I call it as “Karma pot” since its a pot which receives your prayer or desire. It analyzes your previous births good and bad deeds. It also analyses the good and bad acts of your ancestors. Finally, it tracks what good and bad karma you did. Its simply a Mathemetical formula applied over your desire. If your Math results in positive count, your wishes will be fulfilled. If your mathemetical problem results in negative count, you get disappointed.

I wrote this article especially to help you understand Sai.

None of us understand Sai.

His incarnation itself is for your welfare.

Sai blessings


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  1. This article is well written fact.
    I feel reading your articles are equal to reading parayan for me.
    Thanq very much anna

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