Don’t ever hurt a Women, misbehave with her or be cursed by a girl. It takes several births to wash away such a sin

Sairam friends,

(Edit – After I wrote this article last night, I laughed at it for its like a warning message. Irrespective of that, this message serves its purpose both to Men and Women.

For Women – I receive mail from girls that they were in relationship and the guy cheated on her. If its done due to his parents forcing him to marry some other girl, then you can’t help it becuase Indian families are complicated. If he does that purposely, then its his life. Don’t ask me how can he me happy and why he’s not punished? Some girls ask this question to me. Karmic law doesn’t come with a calender. So you forget it and focus on your life. You too have a beautiful life ahead. A humble request – Do not share this link with someone who hurt you. That’s certainly not going to help. I always ask Sai to bring in only good hearted people to StarSai.

On the other side of the story, do not hurt, cheat or blame innocent guys. This happened to me and I suffered enough.

For Men – This is not written to scare Men but to help those who unknowingly hurt a girl. One of the advantage I have in running StarSai is that I come to know about life of several people. There are men who ask if their kids have health issues since they misbehaved with few girls when they were young. I don’t have an answer for this but these days people are able to relate their sufferings to past behaviour.

Also, I know so many girls who go through worst phase in their life since they face breakup or their Husband leaves them behind or treats them badly. If you marry, take care of the girl. Else, don’t ruin her life. Better think twice if you can justify your behaviour. )

Now read the article…

I came across this wonderful feature on Time Magazine – The Silence Breakers

This Year, Time Magazine has featured Women from various walks of life who were physically harrassed and who also broke their silence. 2017 is an important year in Tech world as we read stories of how some Venture Capitalists advanced wrongly towards Women Entrepreneurs. The most shocking revelation was culture at Uber which was exposed by Uber Engineer, Susan Fowler.

Times Person of the year feature covered several women who were harrassed –  from Hollywood actress to an ordinary Hospital worker. I thought only in countries like India, Women don’t reveal when they are harrassed as they might have some insecurities. It was surprising to me when I learnt how even educated women working in technology companies of Silicon Valley had to face such issues and they took too long to react boldly which such news emerged in the later part of 2017.

I myself have got mails from few girls in India about the problems they face at workplace.

The worst part is the 2005 recording of President Trump about his comments on Women. Thankfully, January 2017 witnessed one of the world’s biggest movement – I wrote about it here – Womens March on Washington is an immediate expression of the people before things gets worse

How I used StarSai to spread good messages?

I had wrote hundreds of articles in StarSai touching this topic

Here’s an article I wrote during Raksha Bandhan – How Shirdi Saibaba wants a man to perceive a women?

Let me clarify this. I agree, there are girls who cheat their boy friend or husband. And they are commiting a sin too but in majority of cases, its a Man who hurts a Women. Sometimes, they do it purposely and in some cases, they hurt a girl because they are forced into such a situation.

Men who promise a women that they will marry them and cheat on them.

Men who harrass a girl

Men who misbehave or ill-treat a Women.

You are certainly going to escape now but not forever. You have to pay the consequences. For some men, they might lead this birth happily due to purva punya but you will have to pay back birth after birth. So be careful if you are about to hurt a women. Do all you can to make sure a women or girl doesn’t curse you.

A Women’s curse is very very bad. It will ruin your whole family. It will run through generation after generation. Your children, Grand children, their children. Everyone has to payback if you do harm to a good girl. You can take my words for it because I am experiencing that. I know for sure that I would have hurt or committed a big sin to some women in several previous births of mine. Sai himself has told me in dream that I am supposed to do good to several girls if I have to wash away my sin. I honestly don’t know what more I can do?

I am not writing this to scare you but what more you need than my own life? I had enough experiences to prove that no matter how good I am, if I am going through such pains, its because my Karmic bond is so fierce. Irrespective of the fact that I am devoted to Sai, I am supposed to bear what ever happened to me all these years due to some girls. I won’t blame them at all because we can’t judge any happenings in our life based on experiences we have in this birth. Who knows? I would have humiliated the same girls in my previous birth and hence they are paying back to me now.

Thankfully, I hope its all over now.

What did I gain by all these sufferings?

Why should Sai keep silence when I am suffering so much? From 2004 until 2013-14, I faced so much humiliation. I won’t say that Sai did not help me because he is not supposed to help me. That’s how Saints work. He won’t fly down to save you when you are supposed to face consequences of your past karmic deed.

So what did I gain by such experiences? I got wisdom. That’s why Sai puts you into such problems in life. The way I saw a girl before 10 years and before 5 years and before 1 year is different from the way I perceieve a girl today.

The more pains you face in life, the better human being you become. 

Even last year, I was blamed at workplace that I misbehaved with a girl. I did not even know that people were speaking ill of me. Later, when I came to know about it, I went and asked when they simply asked me not to mind all that happened. I used to wake up at 4 in the morning and painfully ask Saibaba why it happened to me Sai? What did I do? During such a time, I got a video from Saibaba’s serial in Hindi. The clipping is a dialogue were Saibaba speaks this

“I don’t know why educated people don’t understand that when they do something bad, they are supposed to face the consequences in the same birth – As you sow, so you reap”

I kept calm. I tolerated everything. Few month passed on. Later, What Sai said happened. The one who hyped the issue listening to a girl who wrongfully blamed me is not at all in the organization anymore. I know the last few weeks when she faced problem, she realized what she did to me was wrong. Smartly, she never apologized to me. So I felt, some people are like this. If you do a mistake, atleast apologize. If you can’t even do that, there’s no use being devoted to God.

When I was confused, I asked Saibaba, atleast tell me which girl has wrongfully accused me. The very same night, Sai showed me the girl in dream. I felt its completely foolish because I respected the girl so much and saw her in good light. I speak to this girl now occasionally but won’t forget for lifetime as what she did to me is a sin.

Thankfully, I did not react harshly for all the accusations I got last year. I took Sai’s words as my life and adjusted everything. Only later, I realized I am supposed to go through this experience too. The funny part was some women at work spoke ill of me just because I drew cartoons as if I am going to die if I am asked to go to another building and showed it to girls. I just did that for fun and never expected people will hype it so much. I have counted on them and told Sai. I know law of karma will do its work at the right time.

I also was proud of my Sai and used to think like this

“I belong to Sai and if you play around accusing me, you will be happy now but sometime soon, you will face the consequences”

Anyway, Just because I am not married, You can’t misunderstand what ever I do. I play around making stick drawings and have fun but if you imagine something else, that’s product of your thought process. My Mom did not bought me up in such a way that I misbehave with a girl.

Secondly, I have hundreds of Sai friends across India and abroad and most of them are girls and even elderly grand mothers. I don’t even have time to communicate with them. Why should I go behind any girl at work?

Anyway, Apart from my own experiences, my Mom has always said this to me and my Sister when we were kids.

If you make a girl shed tears, You might have to face the consequences for generations to come.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Be careful when you deal with girls. Do not knowingly commit a mistake. If you are in relationship with a girl, make sure you marry her and keep her happy. If you are in love with a girl and in the end listen to your parents and marry another women, you are doing a sin. I understand your situation but in the first place, you must have not been in relationship. The worst part is some people are living together these days before they get married. Such men suffer worst possible consequences in future.

Remember, who ever you marry, you are going to have children.

Your children will face the pain because of the sins you did.

So atleast to make sure, your children leads a good life, be careful with the way you treat a women in your life.

That’s it…Be clear about this

Don’t ever hurt a Women, misbehave with her or be cursed by a girl. It takes several births to wash away such a sin

Time Magazine will only run a story about women who faced harrassement and how they spoke out about it. There are situations where some of this men can never be legally punished. Remember. What ever you do is recorded in your Karmic DNA. You might escape now as you might have money and power but it won’t last long.

I am feeling sleepy now.

Time Magazines article made me write about this issue.

Sai blessings


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