Sai baba gave Vibhuthi Prasad in dream and blessed a devotee with job

Sairam friends,

Thankfully, I have a devotees experience to share today.

Here’s the experience Sai Baba gave to Padma.

Om SaiRam,

I am a small Sai devotee and I want to share my experience with my job. With Sai’s grace my daughter was born but my job contract ended and I took break from job to take care of my baby.

After almost one plus years break, I started job hunting and also started Sai Satcharita parayana with completely dependency on Sai. I got job in very reputed company. It was contract job, here in US it’s very common to have contract jobs. After joining the job, I saw people getting converted to full time.

Some how, small wish arose in my heart that I should also get converted to full time.

There is Sai Temple near office where every Thursday afternoon I use to go. One day, not sure what’s the occasion devotees were allowed to touch main Sai moorthy’s feet. I kept my forehead on Sai feet and felt very happy.

In few days, I had a dream that same situation in the temple where Baba feet can be touched. In dream also I touched the holy feet with my forehead and came and stood aside.

Surprisingly Baba turned into real human with lips continuously saying something which I can’t hear. Sai came near me asking me to stretch my hand and gave me Vibhuthi Prasad. Sai went little far and again started walking towards me and gave me vibhuthi again. I woke up it was around 4.30 am felt really happy. Assumed that I’ll get my full time in current company. Started believing and full time process started. All the internal interviews got completed and I was waiting for offer letter.

But Sai has something else for me. My contract would end soon resulting in no job.

I was so heart broken. More than job, it was my trust on my Sai that I would get full time but instead I’ll be jobless. Cried day and night helplessly. Then gathered all my love and trust on Sai. I know what ever happens is for my good. Started Sai parayana.

Requested Sai to bless me with job before my birthday. Went for noon Aarati every day. 2 days before my birthday 2 interviews got scheduled. Got both offers. With Sai permission chose one.

Luckily near to new Office there is Sai temple. Now also it’s contract job only, but in a very reputed company.

Still don’t know why Sai gave me 2 times Vibhuthi Prasad in my dream.
Whatever happens in my life I am completely dependent on Sai, offering my body, sole, wealth my everything to Sai feet. Love you Sai.



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