Sai should help me take the right decision

Sairam friends,

I realized something while I was on the way to Meenkulathi Amman temple. I suddenly got ill and thankfully, I reached there and worshiped the Mother Goddess peacefully.

After I came back home, I kept remembering her.

I am not someone who randomly applies for jobs even when I am struggling. I think a lot about how the Company will be and what culture exists there before I apply for a job.

On Wednesday morning, I had a dream in which I saw 3 girls.

  1. In the first dream, I saw this girl from the previous company as if She’s having fun with her friends. I just know her and the way she speaks would be funny. I don’t have any idea why I saw her in dream. Probably, She’s going to get married.

2. In the second dream, I saw the girl whom Sai usually shows in dream for over 2 years. In this dream, I saw her in a restaurant kind of place and chatting with a guy. No idea why I got this dream but as long as She’s happy. That’s fine with me. I just wish she gets married soon.

3.The third dream was peculiar. Couple of weeks back, I had been to a college to guide me to do Ph.d It wasn’t completely satisfactory as that professor asked me to work in College to do Ph.d according to University norms.

But something I remember is one of this girl who spoke well to me for 5 minutes. I asked her on what topic she’s going to do her thesis and she replied that she’s yet to decide on that.

In the dream, I see this girl saying ” Male brand awareness” and then she shows a small statue of Lord Murugan. Its not a statue but actually a beautiful form of Lord Murugan.

The topic Male brand awareness is apt these days because several brands which caters only Men these days are using women as models and infact launching a version to cater women.

And why did I see Lord Murugan in dream?

As soon as I woke up, I decided to write to a company where I saw there was a good opportunity.

These days, I won’t get job for my resume. That’s why when anyone asks to share resume, I won’t send. I have been doing some projects for past 2-3 years which serves as my portfolio.

I just showed the Startups I am working on in the mail.

The Operations head in the company immediately wrote me back and I fixed a meeting with him during afternoon.

I had a good meeting and liked the environment. He told me that he likes what I have been doing as side project. Thankfully, I know this before 2 years and that’s why never spend a single night without doing anything on my own.

I know someday, when I don’t have a job, my side projects will stand by me.

He asked me to convey everything to the CEO who was supposed to call me in a day.

I went to the parking space to take my Car and noticed several liquor bottles thrown near a tree. I felt bad about it because if the Government IT Park in Coimbatore cannot keep their parking space clean, there’s something wrong with the system.

I directly went to the University near Marudhamalai to meet someone. Then, I went to Marudhamalai hills and had wonderful darshan of Lord Murugan.

I enjoyed the rain and took some photos. Then, I came down towards University when I was informed that the CEO will call me from London. I was hungry but since its time for the call, I got some snacks, parked the car near University and waited.

The CEO spoke to me for approiximately 20 minutes. He asked various questions because its a challenging job.

He was satisfied but told me a condition. I should stop working on my Startups completely. I told him that only because of my projects, they actually got impressed with me.

After 2-3 years, what if I don’t have a job. Once again, these side projects I do alone will act as a portfolio.

I went to Saibaba temple but something deeply hurt me. Though my Startups aren’t making money, I can’t give up working on them. I can use it to help the company I work for but can’t ignore them completely.

Anyway, I have to agree to it because I need the job now. I am called for a meeting once again tomorrow. I am little confused as I don’t know if its really a good environment to work.

I wasn’t able to sleep well thinking what these people expect from me? I also wonder why Saibaba keep showing people from my previous Company in dream?

That alone makes me think whatever Job I accept its going to be for time being and I might go back to previous company at the right time. I am not sure if this would happen though.

I do everything based on Sai’s dreams. Tonight, I asked my Mom if she has any idea why I keep seeing people in past company in dream?

She told me may be because you are remembering them or may be you will go back to work there. She told me that I was happy there irrespective of how I was treated.

I have a job in Coimbatore. That’s for sure but I will only work in a place where Sai wants me to work. I also cannot give up working on my Startup especially since I do it for the community.

I am depressed today as all these experiences makes me get confused. I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life.

Sai blessings


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