Sometimes, we have to bear it all

Sairam friends,

I am really not in a good state. I really felt upset today as one of the job which I desperately expected isn’t for me. I don’t know what to say about it.

Well, none has to give me a job because I have so much to do for my Startup but I told Sai that I should be working atleast for few more months or years to really generate revenue from my Startup.

People start to pay when we bring real value to them and it takes some time for me to achieve that.

As of now, I also don’t want to leave Coimbatore. So I don’t know what to do about it.

These days, I am worried a lot looking at my parents. I wonder what sin I did to suffer like this. Honestly, I am hopeful because Sai is with me. The more, I don’t land in a full time job, the more time I have to hustle and try multiple projects. I don’t want to give up and will continue working hard for my dreams.

Sometimes, we have to bear it all.

I believe in Saibaba for what he is and not what’s happening in my life.

When I am facing so much difficulties, I continue to see colleagues from past company. This really upsets me because I ask Sai to guide me to be on my own and to go back to the same place.

Is my karmic bond with that past company still there? Why should I see those idiots in dream?

The only advantage in past company is that its slightly closer to my home and nothing much. Even if I go there again, will it be nice? All these thoughts keeps haunting me.

It looks like Sai doesn’t care for me.

May be, this period if for me to suffer.

Hope some positive changes happen in the days to come.

Om Sai Ram

Can someone share their experiences with Sai. I wish to post devotees experiences as people will be bored to always listen to me.

Every evening, I go Saibaba temple by Bus ..sometimes by Car and walk to Saibaba colony with my friend Sathyam. It he isn’t there, I walk alone. I like to walk and think about life.

Today, I recited Vishnu Sahasranamam. I wish to recite it by heart soon. I love Vishnu Sahasranamam so much as it makes me feel divine.


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