I am not with Saibaba for what I gain from Sai?

Sairam friends,

Be clear about this. Being a Sai devotee does not guarantee that your life will be super cool.

You are going to face obstacles

You are going to face problems in your Career, Relationship and even financial issues.

You are going to be humiliated and insulted.

You are going to suffer not for a week or month but for year

I have gone through worser stuff than the above.

I am not with Sai for what Sai is doing to me. I am OK with all the ups and downs I am supposed to face because whatever I am going through is helping me mould myself as a better person.

I never encourage anyone to worship people who don’t worship Sai to trust him. I never.

Because, all of us Sai devotees are with him only with the belief that Sai will make our life good.

Well. That’s true but the journey is thorny dear. To walk with the greatest Saint in the universe is not an easy task. You should be ready for any difficulties and pains you are supposed to face.

Life is like this and it doesn’t seem to change even when you trust Saibaba.

Sai works in a very unique way. He makes you go through sufferings and learn from it.

Now that, I am stubborn that I will never leave Coimbatore and job less too, I am completely positive especially since I believe in work.

If you keep on doing something consistently, there are no chances for you to fail. Just keep doing some work that satisfies you and makes you take one step ahead every single day.

I always gain from Sai. Externally, it looks like I am looser but I personally know what Sai is doing to me. So its a personal experience.

Sai doesn’t have to do any miracles for me to prove anyone that Sai is taking care of me.

I don’t need it too because the journey when we go through sufferings and obstacles in life is most exciting.

Last evening, I left my Car in my home and took a bus to temple. I felt little pained about it. Honestly, I like it too as I am always infront my Computer and I have to walk.

I believe that I should built my Startup and only do consulting work and take up a job only if I get one in Coimbatore.

So I have to accept all these difficulties.

What’s more annoying is I keep seeing some colleages of the past company in dream. Some dreams were very strange. As I always say, we will be in a place until our karmic bond are associated with it.

Seems, my Karmic bond is still associated with past company and people there.

I told Baba, well …they literally threw me away. Why on Earth do you relate my life to them?

There are good people there and I really miss them but they won’t have time to call me and I also don’t have mood to speak to them.

I walk alone wherever I go. Ofcourse, I have this friend called Sathyam who comes to temple every evening and we go for a walk in Saibaba colony.

Most of my time is spent on my projects and writing articles, going on a video call with few experts and then sleep hugging a Sai book.

I am not sure where my life is heading?

Really pained as I don’t know where my life is heading?

I just believe Saibaba is with me.


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