Meeting people I would have never met had I not lost my job…

Sairam friends,

Apologies for not being able to write regularly. I am busy finding a better job or assignments.

I did all I could to work for a German Startup. I just might have to work until 12 at night but not sure if the CEO will take me in. I made a video suggesting my ideas for his company and what I aspire to do. He liked it but also asked me to give sometime to analyze all other applicants and take final call.

Well, its not an easy job as its into Sales Account Management. I am just living with hope.

I also try for other small jobs within Coimbatore.

Though I am very positive, my parents are really worried about me.

Couple of days back, Saibaba blessed me with a very strange dream in which I hear an Animal’s name. Its a very cute animal but then, I also started wondering if there should be a company by this name where Sai wants me to work?

I found one in the U.K and another in the U.S. I kept doing some research and surprisingly, I found a company in Coimbatore has collaborated with this U.S brand and running their institute.

Last month, my Sister’s Father in law had given me few numbers to call them and seek help to begin my Phd. So this morning, I had been to a reputed college in Coimbatore and met him.

He was kind enough to refer me to a Mam in another block. She directed me to their MBA faculty who guides Phds. I told him what I wanted to do. He asked if I can work as a faculty as part time Phd is only allowed for Faculties. He said, you can do it only if you do freelancing work.

He also said, you can come to college just for 2 days and also do your work but you should be sincere in your research work too.

I told him, as of now, I am only trying to be a freelancer and working on my Startup. But it takes time to generate revenue and hence I might also takeup a full time job if I get one.

He added, In Anna University, its going to take few more month for me to get into the admission process. So asked me to try in Bharathiar University.

I met one of this girl who is doing her Ph.d right after her MBA. I was happy for her as not all will be inclined to do their Phd as people get influenced by desire to earn money quickly.

I thanked the professor and walked out when I got a call again. One of his student wanted to work as an intern for my Startup. I told him that I can offer the same but he should work at his home as I am myself working from home.

Later, I guided this guy to get internship in a bigger organization in Chennai.

This morning, I also decided to make a simple job board where I feature professionals trying for better job opportunities. I will tell you something. I don’t like telling a Sai devotee to do some pooja or ritual when they have problems in their career.

You can’t change someone’s life just asking them to worship Sai. I wish to take one step further and create a platform for people who need help.

Saibaba will surely help but I also wanted to practically guide people and should create a platform for that.

As I went to the Car parking of this college, I remembered the company name Sai told me in dream. So I called up the founder and spoke to him. Since he was out, he asked me to meet his HR.

I went to his office and had a good conversation with this girl. Let me see if the founder gives me any opportunity.

I am still obsessed working for the German Startup but you never know what ‘s in my fate. I am living with hope.

I am meeting people whom I would have never met had I not lost my job.

When did Saibaba blessed me with a dream asking me to do Phd?

It was back in May 2016 and when am I taking effort. Now in April 2019.

Your life will be good, if you do Phd

What do you understand by this?

When you loose something in life, its probably for making you do what Sai wants you to do.

I need this experience because it makes me a better person.

The past couple of days, after several years, I left my Car at home and went by Bus to Nagasai mandir. All my friends kept asking why I did not come in car.

  1. Its because I am not earning. Why should I seek luxury just to go to temple? I take my car when I have any other work to do in the day time or if I take my parents out.
  2. I am working all day infront of my computer. No physical work. So going by Bus and walking little more distance makes me feel that I am doing some physical work.

I go one way to Saibaba temple by bus and while returning the Flower shop keeper anna drops me a KM from my home. The problem is he rides too fast which makes me feel its better to come by my Car.

In life, its important to let go of too much comfort and luxury when we are facing adversities.

I know my pain and Sai knows what I am going through.

I hope Saibaba soon shows me a way.

And until this moment, I wonder why on Earth Saibaba indirectly tells me a company name in dream?

Its really so kind of Saibaba which made me very casually go and speak to them.

Its OK even if I don’t get a job there. I like the experiences Saibaba gives me because of the pain I am going through.

This saint makes you go through sufferings but he doesn’t let you down.

Do not bother what others are speaking or commenting on.

Focus on what you want to do in your life and work hard for it.

Meet people. There are so many good people in this world.

You just have to go out and speak to them.

Sai blessings


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