A Nation is more important than my life…

Sairam friends,

When I was in the U.S in my Sister’s home, I told Saibaba that I don’t like to permanently live in India as I don’t like the fact that ordinary people are supressed.

During those days, Sai blessed me with 2 dreams. Both dreams convinced me that India does have a better future. I can’t reveal such dreams on StarSai especially since its Sai’s own way of telling me that I should be positive about living in India.

Whenever I take my parents in my car to distant places, I used to look at people on the highway and ask my Father

“What do these people do to earn their living? This is such a big country”

My Father would say that they will have some work – Probably, Agriculture or any labour work.

When we live in such a huge Nation, we fail to realize Saints like Sai cares for the “Whole lot” of us too and his focus is not just one individual devotees like you and me.

Problems are there in every Nation including western countries but I certainly feel some countries does not even offer basic comforts to their people, especially if they are poor.

I am going through a very tough situation without a job. I sleep asking Sai to bless me with a dream to guide me on what I should do next?

Instead, I keep getting dreams about what’s going to happen to this Nation. Sai dreams does not ever give me any clear message though. I will see few people in dream and I know what Saibaba is trying to communite.

I went to Saibaba temple this evening, went for a walk and then reached home. I like a job in a Voice tech Startup and wrote to the CEO that I wish to work for him.

I felt really pained as I never get what I desire in my life.

Instead of guiding me on what I should do next, Sai shows me dream about India and what’s going to happen in future. (I am not writing what I saw since its better be kept confidential)

I felt like crying to Sai asking if he’s bothered about me or not. Why on Earth should I know what’s going to happen in this Nation?

Later, I realized that Saints work for the a greater cause than individual’s welfare.

The fact that I am jobless is nothing as millions of people in India are jobless. What did I do for them? Did I even care? All of us are busy with our work and our life.

Probably, what’s going to happen in India is also going to positively impact my life.

A Nation is more important than my life.

I honestly don’t know what to write to day as I am little upset. I am writing especially since I want you to know how Saibaba works.

Many Sai friends have mailed me and messaged me the past few days. Thanks so much for that. I also receive mails from people who are jobless and who face problems in their Career.

I am not alone.

Many people have gone through what I am facing these days.

I only hope good days are ahead.


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