Getting crushed…

Sairam friends,

I have faith that Saibaba will help me continue to live in Coimbatore. I am going to give some more time to myself.

I lost my hope as of now. I don’t want to be in a situation to move to Bangalore just because I can’t land in a good job in Coimbatore. Its won’t be nice if I leave my parents alone when they are too old and weak.

Secondly, I like Bangalore only when I go there for any events or workshop. Its not a place where I like to live forever.

These are the times when I realize that I live in a City which does not have much alternatives if one needs a job he/she likes.

I don’t think life is going to be good in the days to come. Well, I love Sai and hope that he will help me out. Irrespective of that, I don’t want to hurry to move out of Coimbatore.

Everyday, I work on some of my projects. I just don’t understand why all this has happened to me? Atleast, I can’t bear this at this stage in my life. Probably, Sai is teaching me to be prepared for future too.

What am I going to do if the economy fails? What if there’s a recession? How am I going to survive? It could happen now or after years.

I keep asking myself why I should face this difficulty? Well, I just lost a job. Not my life but eventually it hinders my peace of mind.

Did I hurt anyone or did I bother anyone to face this situation in my life? I keep asking Sai answers for few experiences I had in my past.

I also can’t bear the pain in my foot. Irrespective of my parents best effort, taking me to Doctor even when I don’t bother about it, taking alternative medicines, this pain is strange.

What kind of pain comes after fever and remains even after 3 month? I can’t understand what’s happening in my life.

To be honest, I am confident. I know Sai has reasons for making me go through this. Just that, it scares me if I have to leave Coimbatore.

Lets see what Saibaba does. Every night, I am awake until 1 or 2 and thinking what’s going to happen in my life?

I am going to sleep now.

When you face issues in your Career, be confident and see what you can do to enhance your skills. Hope something good happens in my life.

Sai blessings


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