Sai will protect your Baby but you also must be careful

Sairam friends,

Today, I was busy with Twitter inbetween work. I enjoyed a specific topic trending in India. Eventually, I did a Tweet which became famous. Not so viral but made me happy as it got over 91 Retweets. I was so excited and showed it to my friends at work.

Intellectuals Vs Others

Six month back, I asked few freshers on how they use the internet. Most of them told scrolling through “Memes” is one of their activity. Though I myself do it, I am deeply concerned about applying a layer of humor on every serious issue. It will hinder millions of youngters in this country from thinking creatively and gaining indepth knowledge on specific issue.

The generation we are nurturing is going to be filled with just two kind of people. Very few who are going to well learned will be intellectuals and the vast majority of us will be just “Others”. We will show our teeth, scroll through Memes and go back to our work.

I wish India is filled with people who are well learned and smart. Educating people on using the Internet for good is essential.

Its better to keep Sai dreams within us

I will tell you something. In January last week and Feb 2017, Sai kept on showing me dreams as if there’s a protest everywhere in Tamilnadu. I had a dream as if I am filming some guys and girls in a protest near my campus. I continuously had this dream for 2-3 days. I shared this to my friends and they said “Obviously we all know this ourselves because that’s the situation in the state”.

I told them that there’s a difference between us guessing what might happen and what Sai shows in dream. Those days my friends already called me Phychic. So I stopped sharing any of my friends to them.

The recent developments in my State seems to be really bad and I hope Sai takes care of this Nation and its people.

Went to a Sai temple with friends

This afternoon, one of my friend asked me to take them to the Saibaba temple near my office. Actually, there are two temples. One near and another a bit far. I like the one which is a bit far as that Saibaba has appeared in my dream. My friends insist only to take them to the Saibaba temple near office since they like the food there.

The past one month, I never went to Sai temple during afternoon saying I can’t bear the heat during summer. Today, I told them that I parked my Car in shadow and hence I will take them.

As I was driving through the muddy road, we saw a lady carrying a Baby walking towards the temple in the mud path. All of us felt very bad as it was so hot and this lady was carrying her Baby in one hand and also holding an umbrella. I slowed down the car and requested her to get in. She refused saying She would walk.

I told her, “Its OK. We are also going to Sai temple. So please get in”.

She got in in hurry and did not close the door properly. But we drove to the temple and dropped her.

I usually argue with my friends that I won’t come to this temple as I don’t like the one who built it. Some people don’t seem to understand Sai even if they build temples for him. I only like the old priest inside the temple. I had darshan and also had prasad.

I saw this lady with her baby inside the temple even after I finished having food. As I was waiting for my friends to complete having their food, I felt like going to this lady and asking her if She can join us when we start as we can drop her somewhere near her home. I waited for long but this lady was only inside the temple. My friends also came out and I asked them if we must ask the lady with the child if we must drop her. They simply told that it will get late and hence we started back to office.

Until now, every few minutes, I keep asking myself if I must have waited for this lady to come out and dropped her atleast somewhere near her home. I don’t know why I could not stop thinking and worrying about it though it was already over.

Sai will protect your Baby but you also must be careful

About couple of years back, one of my Cousin and his wife took their baby and went in Bike during hot summer to their relatives home. As soon as they reached the home, the baby got fits and they rushed to the hospital. It was really painful to see the baby.

I honestly don’t know why they should take their child in such a hot weather?

Why I worry so much?

If we do a good karma, we must complete it. Example – You are starting to temple. Only when you reach temple and worship God, your karma gets completed. If you face any obstacle before hand on the way to temple, you can’t complete your karma.

Karma Chain

Lets say you wish to feed some poor people.

Here’s how the chain of events happens.

You are cooking food in your home.

You start your vehicle and go towards temple or any orphanage

You reach the place without any obstacle.

When you reach there, you must really have some people to feed food.

You feed them.

So only when you actually feed them, your karma gets completed.

Similarly, I dropped the lady with the Baby while She was on way to temple. I wasn’t having any important job back at work. I could have waited another 10 minutes and requested her if She wanna join us back to her home. Even if She had denied, I would have felt satisfied that I asked. I must have done my part of the karma.

When ever you do something good for yourself or others, complete the circle. If you can’t complete it, your karma isn’t over yet.

What I saw today was just one Mother with her little Baby.

There must be hundreds of thousands of Mother’s and Father’s somewhere in India trying to lead their life with the little comforts they have. Until they have a child, they can travel where ever wish. If they have a child, they must think about the Baby’s welfare.

I don’t know why I keep remembering this Baby until now. Just that I can’t bear the hot weather and hence I could feel how bad it would have been for the baby when her Mom walked back from the temple.

I am feeling sleepy now.

Sai. Protect these little babies.

Sai blessings


Edit – I had a dream. It was very clear but when I woke up, my Mom was speaking and I immidiately forgot the dream. he he… I usually repeat the dream in my mind as soon as I wake up so that I won’t forget it. I just know world over, political situation is casuing conflict. I am watching this News story on China.

China: Spies, Lies and Blackmail

Any Chinese who speaks against the Government are arrested, kidnapped or torchured. Every citizen is tracked in some provinces. This also includes Chinese people living in another country, There basically is a human-rights issue in China which has to come to an end leading to democracy. Seems they will also launch attack on websites speaking ill of them. Hope Sai protects me.

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