Why I see Kids in dream?


Sairam friends, Hundreds of couples had wrote me in the past few years since its getting late for them to be have a baby. Earlier, I used to tell them a simple pooja and also created www.SaiMother.com  Now a days, when girls write me saying that its been 3 years since they got married and … Read more

Children named after Sai Baba

Sairam friends, I got a dream this morning. I could get little understanding of the whole episode last night itself but after the dream, I felt its even better to remove the previous article – Baba…I can’t love anyone the way I love you. I am not obsessed with this issue but I try to complete … Read more

My kids are growing and getting distracted

Sairam friends, I had been to Shirdi Saibaba temple last evening and came around the holy dhuni for few minutes. I wanted to confirm something from Sai baba and got answer from beautiful Murugan in the form of  Kalyana Subramaniar behind the temple. Later, I went shopping and came back to Dwarakamai. I was sitting … Read more

Send your Children’s painting

Sairam friends, For a long time now, I wanted to do something better in StarSai than writing my life. I am fedup writing about myself and wanted to do something “Fresh and Beautiful.” So I felt like requesting Sai devotees to send in their paintings and drawings made by their Children. I thought of first … Read more