Sai, bless me to see your children as my own child

Sairam friends,

Today, I was happy at work. Spoke a lot and simply roaming around. Just that I suddenly feel little pained about some issues. I realized my mistake is being too much influenced by people who love Sai and I get hooked to them. I felt really guilty about it. After years of serving Sai, I must learn to see his children as my own. If you are crazy about Sai, then you must naturally be my child too. That’s how I must perceive you –  as my very own child. As long as I don’t develop this fatherly affection on devotees who are affectionate about Saibaba, I won’t be able to satisfy Sai.

Externally, I sound to be happy but deep in me some issues are haunting me and I don’t know how Saibaba is going to show me a way. I feel that I bothered Sai’s kid. I thought of reading Sai Satcharitra and praying for Sai’s little one but  when I focus on other work for Sai, I am not able to read Sai Satcharitra.

This evening, my friend took me to a new Shirdi Saibaba temple near a Hanuman temple. I felt really good there. They sang Shej Aarti without mike which I enjoyed. I also saw Aarti lyrics in my mobile and tried to sing.  The Saibaba that temple was nice. I told Saibaba to guide me in dream.

My Mom’s not well today. So I was with her few minutes. I am too tired today friends. So planning to lay down. It’s gonna be 12.10 now.

I love these innocent kids and wish to see all devotees as these kids – Photo used with courtesy

OK guys..Tata ..Eyes are closing.

Baba, forgive me and bless me with a dream.

Sai blessings,



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