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Children named after Sai Baba

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I got a dream this morning. I could get little understanding of the whole episode last night itself but after the dream, I felt its even better to remove the previous article – Baba…I can’t love anyone the way I love you. I am not obsessed with this issue but I try to complete the experience Saibaba started with clear understanding and finish it off. What do I get by such guilty feeling in the end? It confused me more than any other problems I faced all these years. Fine. I am moving on but Sai continues to show me dreams related to it and I am just expressing it. Many of you are worried about me. Don’t worry. I will be fine.

Just trying to finish off everything gloriously!

Let’s come the theme of the article. I am writing this especially since I don’t want many to read the previous article as its “Unreal”. It’s just some experience Sai is making me go through and it will be over soon.

Children named after Sai Baba

When ever I am in the temple, I used to hear parents calling their kids – “Sai…..” followed by a name like Sai Aravind..Sai Lakshmi etc. Its happening for over 20-30 years in India as several people carry such prefix of ‘Sai” to their name. Some also have “Sai” in the end of the name.

It’s a blessed name but I personally used to think that its not the name but what you impart in your children as they grow up that matters. Some kids will be naturally inclined to Sai devotion and some might not. For Gods sake, don’t force Sai devotion into your kids. It must come naturally at a certain point in their life.

When devotees request me to suggest names for their kids

Occasionally, I receieve mails from Sai devotees requesting some ideas to name their kids. I always tell them not to be very stubborn to have the word “Sai” in the name as even without this divine name, their kids still will be blessed by Saibaba. If it naturally happens, go with it but there are so many beautiful names to consider.

I also don’t like it when people add the name “Sai” before their name just because they find it lucky. You simply have to remember Sai in your heart. The more you do it, the better your life will be.

Getting back to Filmmaking and Photography

Yesterday, I kept watching several reviews of DSLR Camera and a tiny camera which I can carry where ever I go. I wish to make a Music video for “Coimbatore” because I love this place so much. If Sai wills, will make a documentary for Sai too.

Years back, I made a music video about my days in Mumbai but don’t even have a single full version of it now. I have to check it and upload. My Short film is removed from Youtube. I have to upload again some where else. I atleast wish to keep these memories intact.

I am getting back to Filmmaking and Photography after a long gap and shall do it when ever I am free. Have to buy the camera as soon as possible. Have to make a Corporate film for the place I work. All these might help me divert my mind into something productive.

As I always say, few more years to go in my life Saibaba

Let’s work on something meaningful.

Please be with me.


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