How Shirdi Saibaba blessed a devotee with happy pregnancy?

Sairam friends,

When ever I come across any girl who are pregnant, I used to say a word of prayer for them in my mind. I have done this on several occasions and continue to do it. I also get scared when these women travel in two wheeler or crowded bus. Sometimes, I wonder why I should care. Probably, its not me. It’s the Sai in me showing his care subconciously. (My Mom is calling me now to have breakfast as its already late. So shall post this experience and run away..tata.)

After several months, I am posting a Devotees experience in StarSai.Here’s a mail I received from Nikita.

Hi Venkat ,

Hope you are doing good .I am Nikita from Mumbai and I am here to share some very beautiful experience with you and had it not been for Star Sai , I would not have faced this miracle in life .

I came across your site on one of those depressing days when I was waiting for the first scan of my baby .I read a story on your page where very lovingly a lady had narrated an incidence of how she got pregnant with Sai babas grace, how she suffered a miscarriage initially and used to tolerate taunts every now and then and how she was tensed about seeing her baby’s heartbeat the next time she conceived.
I could relate exactly to what my situation was at that time .I was worried as to whether I would also see my baby’s heartbeat this time ( I also lost the previous pregnancy due to lack of heart beat ).

Listening to her story ,I gained confidence .

This story lead me to another story on your site where mother Sai had given darshan to a lady in her dream and told her about her pregnancy ,the date of delivery etc.

I was immediately into tears and spoke to Saima that afternoon complaining him , apologizing him that now I am no longer a good devotee who used to get his darshan , for whom he used to come in dreams and for whom he gave innumerable unbelievable experiences ( After my marriage ,I had actually reduced the Pooja and seva I used to offer to him ) and I told him that I needed him a lot that day. That afternoon,after crying I slept off and then came a beautiful dream leading to a beautiful road admist the mountains where there was some big hall with some show going on .Entering that hall , I fainted and my husband called the doctor .The doctor was my previous gynecologist ( not the current one ) and he tells my hubby that I am pregnant and my baby is fine , healthy and has a proper heart beat .

I woke up with joy and I knew that the next day of my scan ,I would surely see the heart beat of my munchkin .And I could !!!!!

Once again Baba proved to us that we may remember him less but he will continue to do more and more for us .

Miracle 2

When I have completed my third month of pregnancy and in the scan that they do for assessing downs syndrome , I was again tensed and I told Saibaba to protect my baby .My previous pregnancy had Chromosomal abnormality because of which there was no heart beat so we were tensed that this time also the same situation can arise.My husband and I have been continuously praying to our Kuldevi and baba to protect our baby .We had recently read about Christ appearing in one of the scans of some Christan family . Reading that , I juz told my beloved Sai how I wish to see you in my baby’s scan as well . Forgetting all about it ,we did the scan and to our surprise we see a figure of Sai in our baby’s scan . People think it’s our imagination but for us it is the form of mother Sai .

Miracle 3

I went to the Sai temple one day and was very very hungry n feeling dizzy(used to vomit a lot throughout the day and was very very tensed n tired ) .I just closed my eyes and told Baba with mind talking that I was hungry and didn’t knew if I could walk back home considering I was feeling dizzy .When I opened my eyes , the maharaj called me and gave me an Apple to eat n said that your problems will end in 2_3 months .I didn’t say anything,He said all this on his own .
For me that Apple was nectar , I ate n walked back home and believe me in another 3months my vomiting subsided completely​ as well.

Didnt knew how the pandit knew considering I didn’t show pregnancy on my body at all in the initial days .Such is our mother Sai and I feel blessed to be attached to him in my life. I will be 6 months pregnant next week and I hope all goes fine as well .Do pray for me.

I must say you are doing a wonderful job and you intensify the faith people have in Sai Baba .Keep up the good work .God bless you



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I pray to all Sai children praying for happy and safe pregnancy

Be careful and be yourself. Simply remember Sai.

Sai will bless you with a healthy Baby


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