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Sai’s dream and blessing of baby girl

Sairam friends,

There are times when my Mom and Sister used to scold me and ask me not to keep thinking about Sai’s dream and let it go. Somehow, what ever I have done from 2005 is based on the vision and dreams Shirdi Saibaba blessed me with. It has not always been great. Sometimes, I had to go through severe suffering just because I did what Sai showed me in dream. It has repeatedly hurt  me but being a littler Servant of Sai, I continue to live based on Sai’s guidance.

Sometimes, I have experienced positive happenings due to Sai’s guidance in dream. I can’t forgot how sai helped me and my family during various hurdles by guiding me in dream. At present am going through some pain because I did something based on Sai’s dream and feeling why I did it. I was really arguing with Baba and told him not to hurt me so much.

Anyway, True Saints like Sai uses dreams for two reasons

1. To warn the devotee from a forthcoming danger so that the devotee will be careful and doesn’t fall for desires.

2. To remove the sins of a devotee by giving them pain or worries or disappointment in dream so that it won’t happen in real.

3. Sai also shows dream to tell something good which is going to happen in our life.

The worst part is trusting these dreams completely also might be a problem. Sometimes what Sai showed us in dream and reality will be different and we must be able to adjust and move on.

The reason I wrote this article is that a devotee Shankini mailed me her experience about how Sai blessed her for Child birth through a dream.

Blessings of Baby girl

Om sai ram,

Friends let me share my story , i got to know about sai baba through my aunt i was not a great devotee then but would rarely visit his temple, i got married after my marriage i did not have a baby i consulted many doctors they told u have pcod and chances are very less to get a baby i would cry and come out of the hospital each time i visited my mom will also cry and tell trust in god we cannot do anything.

I went for treatment for many months and then stopped going, in the year 2009 march i had a dream like snow had covered all the trees, mountains grass every thing was white covered with snow , suddenly i see the sun rising and all the snow melts away and a beautiful scenery i see baba coming and tells me i am feeling very cold and am going to die

he lies on a rock and people around are telling baba died, then i see a baby in my hand and i am also crying in my dream, i did not understand the dream but knew something good will happen in the month of may 2009 i was feeling uneasy then my mom told me to do a pregnancy test without hopes i did it and it was positive, i could not believe my ears we were all very happy.

I delivered a beautiful girl baby on 28th December 2009 she is a blessing of sai baba, from then onwards i am a great devotee of baba my husband and daughter also worship baba, we all visited Shiridi 2012 if we trust in baba he can do miracles in our life.

om sai ram , om sai  ram, om sai ram.


Hope you like this Sai leela friends

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  • This is a beautiful experience, I am also expecting and I hope my baba gives me a girl too, I already have a boy he is 11 and has special needs that’s why I pray to baba to give me a a girl.

    All the best Shakini for you and your family xxxxx

  • Baba is so good. He gave me a baby/… I ddi the 9 vrats and last vrat the test was psotiive. Baba is everything for me…he has always always been so good 2 me.icant thank him enough…jai sai ram

  • I just wanted to say Niru…. I have a son that is 10 too,, he has special needs, but by the grace of baba he is very mild hemiplegia and he can do everything.. I wished for a girl second time I got pregnant so to take care of him too… I had a little boy second time and he is 7 and perfectly healthy…and I know he will look after my older one really well, as he has the most outgoing confident personality… Don’t worry whether you have a girl or boy… Baba is there too!! The sibling bond is unconditional love just like baba’s bond with his children… You’ll be fine.

    Shankini… That’s a beautiful story! May God bless you all! It’s so nice to hear such happy endings!!

    God bless you all!!
    Sai ram-:)

  • Hi Jagruti & Niru

    Thanks for your comments and blessings.

    May baba bless your families with happiness & Peace .

    Sai Ram


  • Shree Sachinanand Sadgru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  • very beautiful story hai bt meri help baba abhi thak nai kare, meri beti hai 2years ki hai bt delivery time brain damge huwa oxygen kam padne ki waijse so brain development delay hai kate aur kuch nai samjti na hi samjne ki shakti nai na hi baiti hai na chalti hai kya karu deva ap kuch kyun nai kare bolo deva

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