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Sai inspires to do Parayan of Sundarakandam and blessed devotee to get pregnant

Sairam friends,

I really wanted to write a article that doesn’t speak about my own relationship problems. I wanted to do something useful to devotees. From yesterday, i have been trying to do something meaningful and wrote two articles but i was not satisfied. Since many devotees mail me requesting for pooja to get pregnant and also Safe delivery of child, i was thinking about writing a article on how Shirdi Sai baba has helped his devotees to become Mother.

Few years back i made

A Mini site from StarSai family especially for women who desire to be Mother.

Somehow, that wasn’t enough and i was wondering if i can write something more. There are few stories during Shirdi Sai baba’s life time where Sai blessed his devotees to have child. I shall share one of my favorite stories in the days to come.

As of now, my job is completed easily as a devotee mailed her experience on how sai blessed her to be Mom.

Please read devotees experience below..

Om Sairam

I am Hanuman devotee and i always read sundarakandam book whenever i feel happy,sad n whenever I am in need of something. I came to know about Sai baba 5 years back in a TV show and wanted to know his history. But i didnt get details that time. After 3 years i got married and my younger sister in law took me to Shridi. So many Sai devotees are waiting for his blessings but i dont know anything about him, dont know how to chant but Sai baba made me to visit his place.

I really didnt know what to pray and was seeing his face. I bought sai baba photo and kept it in my workplace. One of my colleague did 9 weeks virat and got his VISA so he distributed Sai baba photos. When he came to my place he gave me 3 photos and i was surprised since he gave only 1 to others. My sister in law did Sai 9 weeks virat at our house. I wanted to do the same virat but i was concerned about 9 weeks.I thought if i have 1 week virat it will be easy for me. I wanted to do the virat since i wanted to get pregnant. I went to few hospitals and they told myself n my husband both are normal but they were not aware about the delay of pregnancy.

sundara kandam hanuman sita

Sundara Kandam is most beautiful part of Ramayan which portrays how Hanuman rescues Sita devi from Ravana

As a hanuman devotee i didnt read sundarakandam for this purpose. somehow i was blocked from reading the book. my best friend did Sai baba virat and i saw her photos doing pooja and distributing prasath in FB. I called her about the virat.. She told she did 1 week virat for sai baba i.e Sai satcharita. she told me the procedures and on the same day i was searching history n sai leela’s n the net.

At that time, i got this web site and read few stories and it inspired me to do this virat with full confidence. I prayed Sai baba and started reading his history πŸ™‚ initially, i was interested to read his history and i got blessed by sai baba now. In that one week daily i kept some money without seeing how much im keeping in sai baba’s foot. in the 4th day i myself wanted to get some miracle from Sai baba.

So i asked “Saibaba i want to get Rs. 15 in the end of this Virat since almost you asked for the same money from the devotees”. You all know what would be happened in the last day. I counted the money and yes its Rs. 15 and i know my prayers will become true. I was very very excited to get that amount.

Sai’s inspiration to do parayan of Sundarakandam

After completing the virat i was browsing your website for more leelas. AtΒ  the same time i was sad tat i couldn’t read my Hanuman book. i saw some numbers in ur website n wanted to read wats it all about. i followed the procedures and got a number and read Sai answers you know what i got ‘ pray to Your favourite God and he ll help u to overcome ur sorrows’.
After seeing this i was very happy and i couldn’t tell how much happy i am. I started reading sundarakandam book and completed in a week πŸ™‚ One of my relatives gave some tablets and she told it will help for me. But at the same time i was travelling to some temples for 4 days and was suffering from fever,cold,cough πŸ™ all of a sudden i got all these i was upset since it may impact my pregnancy.

I prayed “Sai baba please help me from all my sickness. If u fullfill my wishes i ll write your leelas to Starsai and ll start reading Sai satcharita again for continous 3 times” Wherever i go i saw his face. In small to big temples i saw him. I didnt know im blessed πŸ™‚ 2 days back my pregnancy confirmed πŸ™‚ I already started telling the leelas to my friends. But i know this StarSai site will be another best place to share Sai leelas… Om Sai Ram…


Madhumitha Balaji

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  • i read this story its realy great, even i dnt have a bab even i started my fasting hope the lord sai will offer me a bab,



    Guide me at my workplace, in my activities, SaiAmma.

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