That’s why Sai blessed you with a beautiful Mom

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Sairam friends,

Last week, I wrote this article on how my Sai friend Thashi tried to do 108 lamps pooja. Since she used ready made lamps bought in a local store in the U.S and also used a paper plate to keep the lamps, it caught fire. Her Sister and herself got scared and tried to put of the fire with water and somehow Sai saved them and their house. I wrote it here – Be careful when you light lamps in your home

Before She lit 108 lamps, She had called up her Mom who asked her to wait until she arrives. Thashi was impatient and lit lamps without proper precautions.

She went to Atlanta the same day along with the remaining lamps.

Daughter and Mom team successfully lit the remaining half of the 108 lamps….he he…

Here’s Thashi’s message

“Mom changed the marble statue also saying that’s more under category of a decorative and gave smaller Baba version which is used in pooja room”

I asked her on what was the lamps kept on? She said her Mom used a foil which is much more safer.

Anyway, after the lamps were lit, they decided to clean off the read-made lamps and use the Earthern lamp alone with oil/ghee to light lamps the next time.

Here are some photo’s of pooja

Lamps pooja

Lamps lit safely by Daughter – Mom Team


Saibaba lamps

Sai is halppy for these divine lamps offered to him

Thashi was satisfied that she was able to complete the pooja with her Mom’s help.

Your Mom is always there to help you do what you want you to do.

Your Mom makes what you wanted to be out of you.

She’s always there for you!

That’s why Sai blessed you with a beautiful Mom


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