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Be careful when you light lamps in your home – Sai! Thanks for saving my friend

Shirdi Saibaba lamps
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I was little depressed and went to Saibaba temple on Thursday though it was crowded. I usually don’t get into main hall of temple if its crowded. Baba has said, when he’s busy with lots of his devotees, people who go regularly to temple must keep away from him and mind their business. he he…

I stood in parking lot and called up my Sai friends as it has been long since I spoke to them. Geetanjali seems to have dengue and recovered. Madhusmita seems to have slipdisc and had recovered. I prayed for all my Sai friends and returned home. My Mom is feeling dizzy always and hence I was near her for few minutes. I told her it worries me that she’s not well. Even if I suggest we go to a Neurologist, she’s fed up with lots of medicines she’s taking. I keep saying Saibaba to protect her.

I slept off and had a dream. I woke up but immediately started worrying about my life. So I completely forgot the dream I had. If we must remember the dream we had, we must not shift our mind from the dream. The moment our mind goes to another topic, we certainly cannot remember the dream.

I came to my room and saw my mobile. One of my best friend in the U.S had messaged me. I know her for more than 3 years and we used to message once in a while. She completed her masters in Medicine and its my habit to pray for her exams and to do well in her career.

For the past 2 weeks, she has been asking about 108 lamps pooja . – Beautiful 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba

I have encouraged several hundred Sai devotees to light lamps since Saibaba loves lamps a lot. Baba used to light lamps in Dwarakamai begging for oil from the shop keepers in Shirdi. Sai subtly spread the value of lighting lamps by doing it himself.

I myself light lamps in temple and also at home.

Somehow, these days, I did not receive any photos from Sai devotees after their 108 lamps pooja.

When Thashi asked me about lighting 108 lamps, I simply focussed on telling her what to get.

I told her to purchase Earthern lamps or she must get 54 lamps, cut in half, twist it and make it as lamps. I gave her suggestion of lemon lamps since Earthern lamps were not availble in the Indian stores she checked in New Jersey. I was shocked to see her message this morning.

This girl has bought ready made lamps available in the store and lit lamps infront of Sai with her Sister. Seems, gradually the fire in the left side plate started getting higher and higher. They both feared a lot and her sister has poured water. The fire has got even bigger. Obviously, if you pour water on fire, for a moment, it will get bigger. I have experienced this when ever we do such work in Dhuni.

Only later she told me that the plate she used was paper plate. Infact, her Mother has asked her to hold on and do pooja once she’s back in the town. But Thashi was impatient and immediately wanted to Sai blessing’s by lighting lamps..he he.

I usually tell all my Sai friends even in India to be very careful when they light lamps. Infact, I request them not to let kids around while lighting lamps. Several devotees in the U.S too has lit 108 lamps in their house and they did that without any problem. I told Thashi to take it positively as Saibaba must have removed some thing bad from her life.

Basically, its my mistake that I don’t listen to how she plans to light lamps and what kind of plates she’s gonna use?

She repeatedly told me that Saibaba has saved her house which she got as a gift from her Father very recently. Its true because in the U.S, you have lots of chances of catching fire than in India since our houses are made of concrete and their’s has lots of Wood. Every single time, I write article about lighting lamps, I also request devotees to be careful.

I even request them to wait few hours for lamps to cool down to drop in dustbin or garden.

Once again, its my humble request.

( You can see in the featured photo how lamps in the left side are burning high. It has grown bigger and caught fire. Imagine how bad I would have felt if house caught fire because of me? Please be safe. You must be careful. Please!)

Follow the below principles when ever you do pooja lighting lamps

  1. Be careful when you light lamps.
  2. Don’t not wear very thin material while you light lamps.
  3. Do not let kids play around while you light lamps
  4. If you can’t manage 108 lamps, better light 27 lamps or don’t light lamps at all when environment is not safe. If you worship in mind that’s enough.
  5. Request some elders to be around while you light lamps.
  6. Never leave house when lamps are still burning.
  7. Be Safe and take care of yourself when ever you light lamps.
  8. Do not bend down when lamps are burning. I have shouted at many women and men in Saibaba temple who will bend down the lamps tray to light lamps. I have seen few incidents when girls hair easily get fire when they bend down to light lamps in temple.
  9. Before you light lamps, pray Lord Ganesha and Sai to do the pooja safely

I am getting late now

Baba. Thanks for protecting my friend Thashi and the beautiful house her Father affectionately gifted her.

Her Mom has asked her to wait to light lamps properly once she returns home. So will post the pooja again.

Meanwhile, be safe and secured.

All those who reads StarSai are my own Children as you belong to Sai.

Don’t simply read what I write and do some pooja without taking precautions. Don’t make me worry about you.



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Note – If your parents don’t like you lighting too many lamps at home, better limit it to few. My parents too scolds me at times and tells me to be careful if I light too many lamps. Its been long since I lit 108 lamps at home as my parents feel that I am always into pooja. I don’t wanna make them worry about me. So I just light 2 lamps regularly and 9 lamps once in a while.

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