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Sai baba blessings to get rid of pregnancy fear

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

A month before I wrote the 1000’th article in StarSai, I was planning to write an article to guide couples worried about not having child. When ever anyone writes me that they are praying for a child, I wanted to direct them to that article. I do have but that’s just a micro site. I kept postponing it since I had no mood to work on the article. It is Sai who gives me small hints and makes me write about various issues. Sai does Content strategy for StarSai. Ha ha..

baby heart

Be blessed with a healthy baby

Sai blessings for baby

A week before I had a dream in which I saw a girl who works in my office. It was as if she was sitting in a separate cabin near the stairs. Sai is telling me to tell her that she must recite “Kanakadhara stotram sung by Adi Sankara“. I believe its Sai’s way of asking her to worship Mahalakshmi to be blessed with a baby. I told this to her as she’s one of my good friend. I just don’t know if she has time to listen to this because many people don’t take my dreams seriously. I just know Saibaba makes me an instrument to guide people who are close to me.

Yesterday morning I had another dream. This dream is to guide girls who are already pregnant

Sai baba blessings to get rid of pregnancy fear

The dream was as of if, one of this girl at work meets my mom in a very small village temple. There are 5 steps leading to the main hall of temple and my Mom is sitting over the steps. The girl tells my Mom that she has some fear and worried about how safe the baby will be born. My Mom tells her something and gives her a Saibaba photo.

I forgot what I saw later in the dream. I remember that girl was very lean when I saw her in dream.

I was wondering why on Earth Saibaba showed this dream to me. I woke up and wanted to search for the keyword “Pregnancy fear”. My broadband was not working and hence I read about it today.

Call it Pregnancy anxiety or fear, many women go through this when they are carrying.

Some of the reasons for Pregnancy fear could be

  1. Miscarriage

One of the worst fear during pregnancy is going through miscarriage. Kindly do not bother it at all even if it has happened to you before. Just keep yourself healthy and maintain diet prescribed by physicians. Avoid Coffee and don’t drink ( for some women) right from the day you are planning for a child. If miscarriage happens, accept it. Miscarriages might have various reasons prominent being chromosomal abnormalities. Nothing can prevent it. You can only worship God and Sai. Just keep yourself strong and remember that you will give birth to a healthy baby.

2. Too much stress

Stress at office or arguing with your husband does not lead to miscarriage or any other issues. It happens. Just make sure you don’t get into depression for any reasons. Keep yourself internally strong. Everything is going to be alright.

3. Fear of labor pain

Yes. It is painful but its every Women goes through it. So you can. Just think positive and keep yourself cheerful. Everything is going to be super cool.

4. Fear of having some medicines or eating something that would harm the baby can be avoided. Just follow physicians instructions and be relaxed. Fear of going to some family event or travel due to some work etc might worry you a lot. Just remember Sai’s holy name and do what you think is right. Make sure you don’t risk much.

I am not able to write more on Pregnancy phobia especially because for some girls, even the very thought of having a baby brings them fear.

What can you to avoid pregnancy fear?

  1. Worship Lord Ganesha and your family deity

I like Lord Ganesha especially because of the way he is. He looks cute and young always. Just remember him and be relaxed.

2. Listen to Shirdi Sai Baba aarti

If you are a Sai devotee, listen to Shirdi Saibaba aarti regularly. You can also learn to sing along.

3. Read any holy books

Now a days, none likes to read holy books but try if you can. Else, read some good books on inspiration, motivation etc. I want you to keep yourself happy and positive.

4. Be relaxed

None can teach you how to be relaxed. No matter what happens in life, keep your mind strong and relaxed. Be peaceful. Be extremely careful in what ever you do and just be cheerful.

That’s it friends.

I was wondering why I kept getting 2 dreams related to Pregnancy. Today, while trying to write this article, I looked for and found it got expired on July 31st. Thankfully, I had some money to renew it. Sai baba makes sure the little work I did for him is “Live” and keeps guiding his children.

Anyway, I can ask why on Earth I get dreams like this when my own life is pathetic. Is Saibaba not bothered about my life?

Well. I am not supposed to question my Guru.

This is life of a Sai servant and he’s supposed to be calm.

Keep Calm and be Cheerful

Happy Pregnancy and safe delivery of baby

Om Sai Ram


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  • Very nice article,thanks after reading it I felt pretty sairam shri sai jai jai sai sai.

  • Thank you venkat garu…. now i am carrying… entered into 8th month on aug 4 on which day u wrote this article. Along 7th month i am worried about how the labour will be…etc… even in night times i tensed. Searched for remedies. Fortunately, From aug 4 i started sai satcharitra one time parayana for 2 weeks. By this i deviated from all tensions. Hope everything will be alright.

  • I just had bleeding as I m 4weeks 6days pregnant. .a lady stepped on my foot n a child suddenly punched my tummy..dont knw wats going to happen now yes I can feel.its a miscarriage. .I m very upset right now .I dont know what to I was planning for my 2nd child at the age of 35+ always this happens to me..I dont know y ..may be my wen I read your article. .I got all my answers.thank u guruji

  • V timely article my daughter in law conceived after 7 yrs in ivf had a miscarriage recently and u r article gives me confidence both of them
    Are normal but it is not happening

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