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Why I see Kids in dream?

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Hundreds of couples had wrote me in the past few years since its getting late for them to be have a baby. Earlier, I used to tell them a simple pooja and also created www.SaiMother.comĀ 

Now a days, when girls write me saying that its been 3 years since they got married and still they don’t have a child, I am not sure if one can complain like this. Sometimes, it happens. You might have to wait for every thing in life. You can’t get frustrated so soon. I know girls who crossed 8 to 10 years after marriage without a child. So hold on and don’t feel down.

Sai’s blessings will always be with you but patience matters. Learn to accept Saibaba as a saint who gives but who gives only when the right time comes.

Anyway, This morning, I had several dreams. One dream was very vivid in which I see myself in a home. There are 2 girl kids with whom I am playing. One of them has painted her face in Green and the other in Yellow. She keeps doing this facial art on herself with a brush and paints it in Yellow. I forgot what I speak to them.

I could see they are truly affectionate and playing around.

I am not sure why Saibaba keeps showing me such kids in dream.

May be, Sai feels kids needs more love and every Mother and Father must spare enough time for them.




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  • Om sairam Venkat

    Today something inside me (I know it’s Sai’s voice) told me you have wrote something related to my present problem and I found its kids ..
    My elder sister was 6 and half months pregnant and due to some unknown reasons she started bleeding ..was admitted to hospital.
    Nobody could do anything and a preterm baby took birth was girl ..I came home the next day ..
    M staying at hospital with my di doing whatever I can.
    But such a small child has so many complications ..but something keeps me going on ..and praying Sai to make her alright.
    Each and every person in the neonatal ICU keeps saying it’s very hard for her to survive’s 4th day
    I wished ..Sai would show me a positive sign today ..but she deteriorated over the days ..initially she was breathing on her own but now she is on CPAP for breathing ..
    I just don’t know what’s gonna happen
    But I know one thing Sai is doing alot to save her ..
    And m not gonna mind wat others say …nobody can make my faith weak ..
    Unless Sai wants me to loose hope ..
    And I know he won’t ever do this..
    I considered her as Sai’s blessing..I named her saikya when I came to know didi is pregnant for second time .
    I prayed Sai should be a girl baba ..I have my nephew already ..
    But everything just got twisted so dramatically.
    Please write me some words to boost my trust if you can ..if it’s not possible don’t reply.
    I don’t wanna hear anything negative from you too.
    Jai sainath

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