Sai Baba made me happy showing kids playing games outside Dwarakamai

Sairam friends,

Some of my close Sai friends asked me why I am not writing regularly in StarSai? I am not busy but going through some worries. In March 2016, I had been to Shirdi about which I wrote in this article – Peaceful Sai Baba darshan in Shirdi.

One night sitting outside Dwarakamai

As of circa 2016, Sai devotees are allowed to sit outside Dwarakamai at night between 11.P.M to the early morning hours when it gets busy. I am not sure if this is possible everyday or if Sai devotees can have this opportunity to sit in some corner outside Dwarakamai in few years. During Baba’s life time, when the crowd started increasing, some devotees proposed to build a shelter outside Dwarakamai. This is called “Sabha Mandap”.

I went to Dwarakamai after dinner from the place I stayed. It must be around 10.30/11 at night. They usually lock the front doors of Dwarakamai. Devotees and some securities will sit in the steps towards Dwarakamai. Few other devotees from various parts of the country will be sitting in their comfortable place.

If you had been there already and if you go there now, you might watch some incidents which makes you little embarrassed and wonder why people show off like this. Do not take it to heart. It happens in all Sai Baba temples and ordinary devotees like us must simply adjust.  I have not directly wrote about it especially since Sai don’t want to create an argument. I adjust what ever happens silently. I just can’t bear when innocent devotees are treated harshly.

Anyway, Its Shirdi. Thousands of people come there. So please adjust and be calm.

After few minutes, I felt its better to choose another corner of Dwarakamai where they have kept very tiny padhuka of Sai baba. I sat there few minutes all the while chanting Sai’s holy name.

Mean while, here’s a photo of Sai Baba contributed by Vinutha Siddareddy

Happy Saibaba
I love this Happy Sai Baba

Sai Baba loves kids playing and he made me happy showing cute kids

I will now describe these kids. Their parents sat near the steps of the Dwarakamai. The 4 kids must be approximately 5 to 6 years old. They were sitting facing each other forming a circle.

One of the kid was chubby and acting smart. Let’s name her “The Leader”. She was controlling everyone and mentioning the rules of the game to other three. One of her close friend was near her.

In the age of video games, I was happy these kids know to make themselves occupied with little Indian games.

Bangle spinning game

There’s no name for such games but it goes like this. Each one of the kid will take out a bangle from their hand. They will keep in floor outside Dwarakamai and spin it off. The Bangle which spins for long time makes the winner.

Once, all the kids did this bangle spinning and kept watching it curiously. One girl shouted that she’s the winner but No. She lost it without her own knowledge. This new rule was projected by the “The Leader”. She said that the bangle crossed the border assigned. Dam It.

I was chanting continuously and sat looking at these kids. Their Mom was asking them not to shout but they never bothered. To them, its a sport. Nothing can stop them from “Bangle spinning game”

Sometimes, “The Leader” pulled her best friend near her and said something in her ears. This could probably be a tip to win in the next spin. Then, everyone got ready for a new game. “The Leader” will suddenly decide not to spin her bangle and take the position of umpire. Other 3 kids were spinning and she would say who actually won surpassing all the rules.

Lighting lamp which was put off

Few minutes later someone came to Dwarakamai with an earthen lamp, small bottle of Oil and wicks. They sat opposite to me and kept the lamp near Baba’s little padhukas under  a small tomb. The lamp was lit and I felt happy. After a while, I found the lamp was put off due to the wind. I did not had matchbox. Half an hour later, another Saadhu came there as if he knew the lamp is not glowing. He took a cigarette lighter, took the lamp in his palm and tried to light it. He kept it inside the small tomb near Baba’s padhuka and left.

I found the lamp was about to put off again by the wind. Since I was sitting near the place, I used by palm to keep the lamp glow forever.

In between all this, the kids were talking to each other. A security came there and asked them not to shout. The leader kept a finger on her mouth and warned other kids “Let’s play without making noise”.

I think Sai wants to show that everyone must live care free like these kids without worries and fear. They are just doing what ever makes them happy. They are controlled by external forces but they never bothered it. They continued to do what they love to do.

Do not worry about the external forces in your life and keep doing what ever helps you grow ahead in life. As long as you are only doing good, Sai will take care of you.

Om Sai Ram


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  1. Om Sai Ram…

    nice article…made me visualise the things that were actually ahppening and i was smiling too 🙂

  2. After a little gap reading this article made me happy..thank u for sharing this beautiful experience…that’s true we should learn from kids how to stay happy without bothering about all the external factors…omm sai ram.

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