Peaceful Sai Baba darshan in Shirdi

Sairam friends,

How are you? It’s been more than 10 days since I am away from you. As wrote earlier, I visited Shirdi after 7 years and had peaceful darshan of Sai Baba.

Trip to Mumbai

When ever I travel out of Coimbatore, I get little upset as I always wanted to be near my parents. Somehow, this trip to Mumbai happened after I completed reading Guru Charitra – The holy book about Saint Narasimha Saraswati who lived during 13th century. So I considered it as Sai leela to make me come to Shirdi. The meeting in Mumbai was on 29th of March and hence I booked the ticket earlier so that I can spend the weekend in Shirdi.  Some Sai devotees living in Mumbai had invited me to their home but I wasn’t sure if I will be able to make it.

Flight to Mumbai

I always choose the aisle seat in flight as its comfortable for me move without disturbing others. I saw the flight attendants who are supposed to smile a lot did not do it much. This is especially because some passengers does not treat them well and they mold themselves to be stubborn and unemotional. Being an air hostess/flight attendant is work intensive and they also stay away from home once in a while.So be kind to these people. Do not show your anger on any one just because your flight is delayed or due to lack of other facilities. Accept it as a way of life. I saw a couple laughing at the flight attendant when they were showing how to use seat belt etc.

I have something to say..

“Only people who live on their Father’s money laugh at others work. If you have worked hard to earn your living, then, you will naturally respect anyone’s work.”

The good thing about Air India domestic flight is that they offer food (In some flights). As I came out of the airport, I found my friends (from office) waiting for me. They took me in Auto to the flat in Vile Parle. I was speaking to these guys few minutes and forgot to call my parents. They were worried and called me asking if I reached Mumbai. My bus to Shirdi is at 10.20 P.M. Hence, I thought of going to Siddhi Vinayak temple. My friends said that it will take long for me to come back to flat. So one of them said “You first see Baba and come”.

Then, I messaged Padma aunt who requested me to visit her home. I thought that makes sense rather than sitting in the flat with these guys who were already planning to go to Juhu beach.

Hospitality in Padmaji’s home

The good thing about Mumbai is the price of auto/taxi is not as expensive as in Coimbatore but the bad thing is they refuse to take to some places if the destination is too close to them. Finally, One old man agreed to take me. When I could not tell the right place, I gave the phone to Auto man and let padma aunt guide him. When a petrol pump came, I told him “Here’s it’. He said “We are still in Vile parle. We still have to go further and kept telling me about different place”.

Finally, he reached the right place and I gave him the money along with tips. I am very generous to people who take me to where I wanna go. They mean a lot to me though I will never meet them again.

Padma aunt’s house has very old black and white photograph of Shirdi Saibaba with rudraksha offered to him. I loved it. I like anything old. Please. For Gods sake, don’t show me the innovative 3D photograph. ha ha …A God/Saints painting must be simple and clean. Let us not complicate it.

I told her some past incidents in my life which made me get close to Sai Baba. We had dinner together and I especially liked her Father in law who seems to have known Coimbatore better as his ancestors were from Palghat. She had made delicious food of which I liked Rice and Rasam. I liked the pooja place in her house too.  She has a group on WhatsApp to whom she sends messages about Shirdi Sai Baba and other good saints. She asked for a message for everyone of them.

I closed my eyes and saw a sculpture making a statue. Hence, I said the message as below…

When ever sufferings and difficulties comes to you believe that Baba is shaping you better. Unless you go through difficulties, you cannot become successful in life. Like a chisel repeatedly stroke’s the stone to convert it into a beautiful statue, Sai baba will make your life beautiful. 

This isn’t exactly what I wrote but that’s the message I wanted to convey.

One of her friend Kalyaniji came to meet me. She gave coins to be offered to Sai Baba in Shirdi. I took it and spoke to her few minutes.

After dinner, When I was able to leave their home, I found her Father in law too sweet. I fell in his feet and kissed him on his cheek. Sai alone knows why I did it? He he…I just know he deserved it as I found him “Calm and Peaceful”.

Bus to Shirdi

Taking bus to Shirdi is another huge episode. Kalyaniji offered to drive me to Andheri East – Bisleri compound where I am supposed to board the bus. Padma aunt joined me in the car and we spoke a lot. I said some Sai leela which I remembered. We had good conversation but I felt bad for making two women wait just because the bus came late. It’s usually like this in Mumbai. I remember telling them “Shall I get down the car and wait so that you can go home soon?”. Kalyaniji said “We won’t let you wait alone in this road. Some one might come and bother you.” She added “I won’t go until you board your bus safely”.

Finally, the bus came at around 11.P.M and I ran for it without even thanking Kalyaniji. Anyway, all of us are like this. When our work is completed, we run away and I am no exception.

“This shows Baba’s care for me and I prayed Sai Baba to take care of their children and protect them where ever they go, all their life”.

The bus was comfortable. I hugged Sai Satcharitra and slept off.

Reached Shirdi and roamed like a new comer to Shirdi

Yes. I finally came to Shirdi after 7 years. It was 5.30 A.M when the bus reached Shirdi. I stepped down, skipped few men asking if I want accommodation and started walking. I bent down, took some Shirdi sand and kept it in my forehead. It’s my usual habit. I don’t want everyone to do it but Shirdi Sand is very sentimental for me. It’s precious.

I had earlier called up my friend Kashyap who works in a hotel to book a room for me. Earlier, he was a priest in Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi. I went near the hotel very cool. I thought that I will rest few minutes and then start for darshan. Sai baba is a mischievous saint and hence he had other plans.

I went near the hotel. None was there in reception. I got into the hotel and saw all the 3 floors. None was there to ask for my room. I was really upset. Sat in the entrance, took out my Sai Satcharitra and read few lines. I kept calling his mobile but he never took the phone. I was thinking “What happened to him?”

Then, I roamed as if I am a new comer to Shirdi. One man came near me and told “3 rooms – Only 900”. Another man asked “Do you want a room to stay?”. I got irritated and came back to the hotel where I had booked. Now the reception was open. A man was doing some enquiry. So I waited outside.

I saw a dog for which I wanted to give biscuits. He ate the whole packet happily…

Shirdi Saibaba loves Dogs
Sai Baba loves Dogs and all Animals

It’s been many years since I met Kashyap na. So I din’t realize its natural for him to have white hairs. I went and asked in the reception “Kashyapji had booked a room for me”. He identified me saying ” Om Sai Ram” joining his palm together. He asked “Did you forgot me? and all I could do was laugh and tell him I was calling you 20 times. He said that he slept off putting the mobile in silent mode.

Lesson No:1 in Shirdi – Be active every moment

I think Sai Baba made me wait to get the room because I showed laziness as soon as I reached Shirdi. Why did I think that I will rest few minutes in room and then start for darshan? So Baba took my time and made me roam in streets of Shirdi.

Wanna see the Shirdi- Pimpalwadi road where I was roaming? Here’s it…

Shirdi to Pimpalwadi road – Took the photo from terrace of hotel

When ever we go to Shirdi, we must make use of our time productively and peacefully. There must be no intention to sit idle.

I got ready and walked to have darshan.

Walking towards Samadhi Mandir Temple complex

I got down the hotel and walked towards Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir Temple complex. Within few minutes, I saw Mahalakshmi temple. She’s my favorite Goddess in Shirdi. So I took a photograph. Since I did not like shops in cart selling tobacco items outside the temple, I took this photograph showing the gopuram of Mahalakshmi temple.

Mahalakshmi temple
Mahalakshmi temple, Shirdi

As I approached the Sai Baba temple complex, I took photograph of the place from where devotees were allowed to walk in. Immediately, a security asked me not to take photos. He asked me for the mobile. I showed him the photos and told that I wanted to take a photo of this place as it write about Sai and it might help new comers to Shirdi. He asked me to delete it but said “Rahne dho – Let it be”. Anyway, I am not posting the photo since we must respect any rules in the temple made for security of people.

I walked to the place opposite to the entrance to keep my mobile in a security locker and got the token. I came back and entered to join the que. Several times in past, I had directly went into Samadhi mandhir as I had some people to help me have darshan of Sai Baba easily. This time, I made it clear never to use any such short cut to see Sai Baba. I am also ordinary like any other devotee and I must follow the same path followed by millions of devotees to have his darshan. So I told myself no matter how many hours its going to take, I will only go by que.

Enjoyed standing in the que to Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir

It was 26th March 2016, Saturday. The crowd started coming into the que and at one point the que literally stood still for few minutes. I was thinking about my past and future. But basically, I took my mind back to thoughts about Sai and his divine life in Shirdi. I also kept chanting Baba’s holy name. I found some devotees were singing bhajans of Sai baba but most of them did not realize they are going to see Baba and its important to use this time to remember Sai. Please try to remember Sai in your own way while you are going to Shirdi and also while standing in que to Samadhi Mandir.

Sai always loves me ( and us) 

As I approached the Samadhi Mandhir, I felt truly blessed. I first offered the dakshina a devotee in Coimbatore and Kalyaniji gave me in the Dakshnina box. Then, I moved closer to Baba. He was in pink dress. Sai seemed to look the other side and not me. I thought Baba don’t like me any more. As I moved closer and had darshan of Saibaba, I realized he’s looking at me. He still loves me. I kept chanting his holy name and honestly can’t remember what I prayed? The securities keeps asking devotees to move ahead. So I prayed Sai Baba and moved little distance. I stood there and prayed Sai Baba. I loved to see him and the way he looked back at me. I also prayed for my Sai friends, my parents, Sister,her husband, her daughter Katya and for Padmaji’s daughter’s Shreya and Aishu.

Sai baba loves us all. He has no differentiation between any devotee – Rich or poor, High paying job or job less creature, what ever caste or creed you belong to, if you are pure at heart, his love for you is assured.

I came outside went to the following places inside the temple complex

  1. Gurusthan
  2. Nandadeep

While there are other places I visited, Gurusthan and Nandadeep is of prominence.


Gurusthan is the the holy Neem tree below which Sai was first seen as a young lad when he first came to Shirdi. This could be approximately 1850’s to 60’s. I keep telling myself. What a surprise? The same Neem tree which was there during Baba’s time, which gave shelter to Baba is still safe. I don’t like the securities often asking to move away. So I din’t even go near to bow. I stayed back and watched calmly. I just want the experience of being in Shirdi. I don’t want to disturb anyone.

Then, I went to Samadhi of other devotees who lived during Baba’s lifetime in Shirdi.

I love the Samadhi of Bayaji ma. She has beautiful soul. Her devotion is immensely pure.


I walked to the Nandadeep and came around the holy lamp and the sacred trees few times. Nandadeep is very sacred and I personally like it.

I bowed to the Dattatreya in-front of Nandadeep and went to the place where they read Sai Satcharitra. I simply sat there for few minutes.

One devotee = One Udi packet

There’s this que to take Udi. One packet for a devotee. I stood in the que and got mine. Years back, I used to get lots of Udi packet from friends. This time, I was very clear about taking only one per visit to temple complex. I don’t see any reason to have lots of udi packets for myself when I preach the importance and value of Udi. Further, any edible powder which is applied in forehead remembering Sai Baba becomes Udi. This is also proved with few incidents in Sai Satcharitra. I even suggest devotees living abroad to make rice as powder, store it in a box and use it as Udi. Shirdi Udi is very divine but sometimes we must adjust with other alternatives.

Sai Baba Museum

I went inside the Sai Museum to have look at the items used by Saibaba. You can see the statues of Murlidar which was supposed to be installed in the place of current Sai Samadhi. You can also see the palanquin gifted to Sai baba, the kafni he wore and the paintings of contemporary saints who lived during baba’s time like Gangagir Baba, Vasudevanand Saraswati, Swami Samartha  and few others.

I came outside the temple complex and walked towards Dwarakamai


Dwarakamai is where my soul lives. I consider this place the most divine on planet Earth as this was where Baba lived for over 60 years. I stood in the que to Dwarakamai. I saw a family had come along with their pet Dog to Shirdi and they were trying to take him also inside Dwarakamai. As they got close, the security asked the man carrying Dog to come outside the que as pets are not allowed. So the Man went and stood infront of Dwarakamai and his Wife,Daughter and Son moved into Dwarakamai.

Dwarakamai, Shirdi
The old Masjid where Baba used to live. His home – Dwarakamai

I kept chanting Baba’s name as I stepped in Dwarakamai. I always choose the que which moves slowly. I loved every micro second I spent in Dwarakamai and felt happy to see Baba’s portrait. As I was worshiping Sai Baba’s portrait in Dwarakamai, a women with her baby was standing besides me which I did not notice. My hands hit the baby when I moved and the women stared at me comforting her baby. I felt really upset but wanted to make the women happy. This is Dwarakamai. How can Baba allow any Mother to get worried about her child?

I took a Sai Photo which I printed for StarSai and gave it to her. She immediately smiled and moved happily.

I believe, this is Sai leela as he wanted me to give a Sai Baba photo inside his very own Dwarakamai. How can he forget the 10 years I spent giving Baba photos to Sai devotees? Here’s an article I wrote about it –  My experience giving Shirdi Saibaba photos to devotees for the past 10 years.



I moved out of Dwarakamai and went to the near by Chavdi. In ancient India, Chavdi is situated in the border of every village. This is a place where travelers and sadhus can stay. This means, Chavdi is actually the border of the actual Shirdi Village during Baba’s time. This is my personal opinion and I might be wrong too. Sai Baba used to stay in Chavdi every alternative day.

I like this side view of Chavdi where Baba used to sleep every alternative day

Saints are not supposed to stay in one place. They must travel from one village to another all through their life. But since Baba choose to live in Shirdi forever, he moved between Dwarakamai and Chavdi to prove that nothing is permanent in life.

Food in Shirdi

I was hungry already as it was mid noon. I skipped breakfast during my 2 days in Shirdi and first 2 days in Mumbai especially since I was more concerned about my meeting (official). I did not know where to go and have food in Shirdi. I walked through many streets. I don’t want to go to big hotels. I was trying to find a small restaurant and finally went inside a place where I had Tomato Othapa. Was it tasty? Don’t ask me. I just had it as I was hungry.

Attending Sai Aarti

The first thing people ask when ever you say that you went to Shirdi is “Did you attend the Aarti?”. What they mean is, you must book previously to attend Aarti or be there exactly during Aarti timing to be infront of Saibaba’s Samadhi during Aarti. I myself appreciate this eagerness to attend aarti. Fine. It is possible today.

What if I say 100 years from now, 30% of the world’s population will be Sai devotees? Sai showed this to me in dream and I know its going to happen. The crowd is going to be increase many fold. So do not be upset if you can’t attend Aarti inside Samadhi Mandir. You can stand even under a tree shade some were outside temple complex and still recite or listen to Aarti.

“Where ever you are, if your mind works for Sai, Sai works for you”

I simply sat near the Maruti temple under the shade of a tree and listened to Sai Aarti. Here’s the photo taken from where I was during Aarti

Neem Tree
I peacefully listened to Aarti sitting under this Neem tree near Maruti temple

After the Aarti got over, I walked to the hotel to take rest. On my way, I had coconut juice as it was very hot. I forgot to say, I did not wear any foot-ware for most the time I spent in Shirdi especially since I wanted to experience Sai bare foot. (Note – Not recommended as its too hot at times). As I went near the lodge, a devotee from Kashyapji introduced me to a family from Andhra. The lady asked “How can I walk barefoot when its so hot”. I told her “I want this experience”.

I moved to the room and slept off nicely.

I woke up only in the evening and went to meet Kashyap. He never let me go to Dwarakamai and kept hold of me introducing me to some of his good friends. Since we are meeting after 7 years, we spoke a lot about what’s happening in our life. Then, I finally told him, I am going to Dwarakamai. I forgot what I did this time.

I came back as he requested to have food with him. We had chappati. Later, I told him that I am going to sit outside Dwarakamai for few hours and then only come to room to sleep.

One night outside Dwarakamai

Apart from some occasions, devotees are allowed to sit outside Dwarakamai during the night. Do not read this plan to spend long time there. Just be there for few minutes and go back safe to where you are staying. When it comes to me, since I went to Shirdi all alone, I had no one to care for. So I decided to sit in the Dwarakamai for few hours. I watched few things which made me really uncomfortable and painful. I wrote about it but removed the content since I felt its not the right time to express it. When the right time comes, Sai will make me write about it. You will yourself know what I mean.

Only thing I wish to say is this…

“One must not show off and be harsh to devotees who come to Shirdi with pure heart”

You can do seva or what ever big task for Sai. That doesn’t give you any rights to be harsh to devotees.

I found a corner in Dwarakamai and sat there remembering Sai Baba.

While some devotees were reading Sai Satcharitra and some were peacefully meditating, some simply were chatting. But over all, every one were trying to maintain silence. I saw 4 kids in Dwarakamai who were happily playing some homemade Indian games (That’s how I like to call it). The kids were so cute and I adore them a lot. I will write an exclusive article about the games these kids played when I find time.

I kept chanting some mantra of Sai. I loved the time I spent one whole night in Dwarakamai.

There was a devotee from Assam who was reading Sai Satcharitra. Once in a while, I turned to him and told him Sai leela which ever came to my mind. It was 1 o click, 2 and then, finally 3 A.M in the morning. As I kept remembering Sai Baba spending the whole night in the place where he lived, I merged with him heart and soul. I fell deeply in love with him.

When I found that some securities will ask me to get up in few minutes, I thought I myself shall move away and went outside. As I walked to the room, I had coffee and saw a Dog wagging tail. I called him, bought a biscuit and dropped down for him. He never touched the biscuits and simply came behind me. I took it as blessings of Datta. As it was dark, when ever I am alone, a Dog will come with me. It has happened several times in the past.

I slept off thinking I must wake up within 3 hours.

Abishek pooja for Sai Baba  ( Bronze statue)

I had paid 101 Rs for Abishek pooja of Sai Baba inside the temple complex ( This pooja is done to a Sai Baba statue over a platform above Ganesha and Shiv Mandir inside temple complex). I woke up and within 15 minutes got ready and went to the Gate where they allowed me to get inside for the pooja. They give a plat with Kumkum, Tumeric powder, Rice (Akshadha), flowers and ask us to take a Coconut. I sat along with other devotees. The priest did pooja and I was simply chanting “Om Sainathaya Namaha” or any mantra of Sai I could remember.

When I saw the big size coconut, I thought I would have taken a small, lean coconut as sometimes they might not allow me to carry in the flight.

I walked again to Gurusthan, Nandadeep and felt happy. Behind Bayaji ma’s Samadhi, I saw some men working for Sansthan having their food. I smiled to them and one man smiled back to me. These are strangers. What does a smile from me mean to them? To me, their smile means a lot. I like to see people happy.

Looking at Sai Baba peacefully 

I decided not to go to Samadhi Mandir in que. Some devotees will go to Samadhi Mandir in que every single day they stay in Shirdi. I am of a different kind. Even spending time in Shirdi is enough for me. Even looking at Baba from distance means a treasure for me. I simply went inside the Mukh darshan gate and sat in the corner looking at Baba for 2 hours. Yes. 2 long hours.

I saw a girl who seems to be sick and slept on her Father’s lap. I called the Man and came a Sai Baba photo to him. Then, a family with 2 kids sat in front of me. The kids were very naughty. They wanted to play with me. So they did peek a boo with me. Hiding behind their Father and expecting me to look at them and when I did that, they will laugh trying to hide again. I gave Sai baba photo to these kids also. They were happy.

Once in a while, I was chanting Sai’s holy name looking at Sai Baba from distance. I want nothing more in Shirdi. One day, I went near him, Other day, I stayed back in distance and still felt same happiness. I did this to convey a message to Sai devotees.

Allow all devotees to take darshan peacefully and do not fill the darshan que often. Thousands of people come to Shirdi. Some are old, some are sick though they are young, some had already traveled for hours to reach Shirdi. So if you have one peaceful darshan, be content with it. Ofcourse, if you still wish to go for Sai darshan again, happily go for it. I am just requesting since you can follow my strategy when ever you travel alone. If you travel as a family or friends, You might have to listen to every one’s desires.

It was too hot for me to bear the heat when I came outside.

I once again had some food in the same hotel. I found the guy working in the shop taking the side dish left by another customer and gave it to me. I smiled to myself. Well. It happens. Positively speaking, he’s an expert in waste management without an MBA from tier 1 college.

Meeting Vinny Chitluri

I went to house of Vinny Chitluri who has written several books on Sai Baba. We spoke for over an hour. She gave me good Coffee which I enjoyed a lot. I will write about my visit to her place later. I just remember what she told me

“Saibaba’s history is dying fast. You must see house of Kushal chad of Rahata and some other places Baba visited regularly”

She’s a wonderful human being and a true servant of Sai Baba who has dedicated her life time for Sai’s work. She’s one of my biggest inspiration after Narasimha Swamiji and Sivanesan Swamiji. Irrespective of one’s basic nature, their service to Sai Baba must be appreciated and I have a lot to learn from her.

I don’t want the medicines which was thrown on the table

I got severe head ache due to the hot weather but without buying medicine, I walked to the room. Couple of devotees asked me where they could find the medical shop. I thought Sai wants me to guide them. So I walked all the way back near the temple and in between small streets and finally reached a shop. I also asked for some medicine by name. He threw a pack of 15 tablets and asked for the money. I said, I want only two. He said that he will only give as the whole sheet of 15 medicines. I din’t like the way he spoke and threw the medicine on the table. I just walked away without buying medicines. I am in Shirdi and I know Sai Baba will heal me.

I slept off nicely and woke up only at 5 in the evening.

Padma aunt messaged me that her friends Purnima, her daughter Nupur and Vandana aunt were in Shirdi too. I messaged them saying I am in Shirdi and wish to give them the Sai photos I had printed. They had been to Sakori and we decided to meet after 6 in the evening.

(Note – I am not sure if these ladies like me calling them aunty because some of them feel they are young. So I used “Ji” expressing my respect in most places. According to me, If you have kids, you deserve to be called as ‘Aunt” and that’s a joke..he he…)

Evening in Shirdi with friends from Delhi

I bought 2 statue of Sai Baba. One for our maid in Coimbatore and one for myself as the Baba whom I adored all these years broke his leg (I did it why doing holy bath) the day before I started to Mumbai. Then, I walked in the streets where Shama’s home is situated. I found one women standing in front of few houses and singing in Marati. I assumed she was saying some good news to them in the form of song.

When I was roaming near Dwarakamai, I got a call from Purnimaji. She’s must be awarded a prize for spotting me right as when I was walking trying to find them, she caught me red-handed. He he…

Evening Aarti was going on. We were near Dwarakamai and wanted to have Coffee. It was surprising for me that they had come to Coimbatore in January. I would have invited them to my home and taken them to Nagasai Mandir had I known them before. I just want people to speak about Sai Baba or any topics on Earth which interests me. Where ever I go, I try to find such people.

Dwarakamai “Again”  – Call me 1000 times to Dwarakamai, I will go…

We first wanted to go to Dwarakamai. I will be leaving Shirdi in few hours. We stood in the que to Dwarakamai and I was simply chatting to Nupur.

Sai Baba’s gift for Kids on the way to their school

I was telling her that during Saibaba’s life time, the kids in Shirdi used to come and stand in front of Dwarakamai on the way to their school. Baba used to keep his palm inside the pocket of his kafni and what ever coins he gets, he will throw it to the kids who will catch them and go happily. Seems the kids will use this coins to buy sweets.

Sometimes, the kids will go infront of Baba asking for money when Baba himself won’t have any money to give. The kids won’t move even if Baba tells them that he don’t have any money to give them. So to prove it, Sai used to leave his palm inside the pocket, pull the cloth outside and show that its empty. The kids will go sadly but Sai will make sure they are blessed and do well in studies.

We went inside Dwarakamai and I found Purnimaji and Vandanaji immediately moved out after darshan of Sai Baba’s painting. I called them back and said “Let us go when they drive us away”. With in few seconds, the securities shouted and I walked away.

We sat few minutes infront of Dwarakamai. I was emotionally connected with Sai during this time as I will be leaving Shirdi soon. Then, we walked inside temple complex.

We came around Gurusthan. Nupur, luckily got a Neem leaf which fell down irrespective of the fact that the they had kept a net to avoid the nuisance caused by devotees like us collecting Neem leaf from this holy Neem tree. he he…We are what we are. Even Sai Baba cannot tolerate us. That’s why he did not allow me to Shirdi for 7 long years.

Purnima aunt gave some Neem leaf to all of us and I ate it happily.

We went to Museum of Sai Baba and also collected the Udi packet for the day.

It was time for us to leave. On the way I asked if they had been to Mahalakshmi temple in Shirdi for which the reply was NO.

I told them, I will not let them leave Shirdi without looking at the Mahalakshmi I adore.

Offering Saree to Mahalakshmi

Few hours before in the morning, I got some pooja material to offer Mahalakshmi. The man selling these items asked me if I wanted to offer Saree to Lakshmi. I felt like doing it as I love her a lot. I took a saree in blue shade and offered it to her. At night when I took my friends to Mahalakshmi temple, I told them “More than wealth she offers, Mahalakshmi is Goddess of Protection”.

Dinner in Shirdi

We had dinner in Shirdi in a hotel opposite to Mahalakshmi temple. Everyone used Hand sanitizer before having food. Purnima aunt asked if I wanted to use? I said “My hands will always be dirty because sometimes, I clean the Dhuni in temple and my Mother used to shout at me for it”. The skin in my palm would peel of sometimes and I consider this too as gift of Sai Baba. Being a servant of Sai has its own advantages. You get used to some dirt and its gets digested. I believe it does. After all, I work for Sai.

I requested them to pack the remaining food in parcel so that I can have it later.

Bus to Mumbai

As I took a leave from my wonderful Sai friends from Delhi, I asked Nupur to mail me to photo she took in Mahalakshmi temple. I get scared to take photos inside temple but some people naturally do it.  he he..I specifically request people to email me because its searchable and remain safe for years. When you Whatsapp or send using cloud messaging services, I just store it. I can’t say the history of who sent me and when and with what experiences they sent. Every little thing we do in our life must be remembered for ever. I don’t know if I will meet these people again in my life. All I have is experience of spending few precious minutes in Shirdi with them.

As the bus to Mumbai started from Shirdi, I heared a girl coming to the Driver asking for WiFi password. He replied ” There’s no internet in the bus. She replied harshly “Then remove the sticker that you offer WiFi”.

Ha ha..

It’s the fast world. We need WiFi every where.

We are connected to rest of the world from the place called Shirdi which has nothing more than 80 huts during Sai’s life time. No electricity. Nothing!

So what made Sai to spend his life time in Shirdi.

What a punya did the people of Shirdi do?

You can build 1000 temples for Sai Baba. There’s only one Shirdi to see Samadhi of Baba

There will be 1000 modern Saints. There’s 0nly one Sai Baba.

The king of all Saints.

Sai rules and I will live in peace for life time in his kingdom.

Sai rules my heart

Sai. You are my heart. You are my soul.

The bus stopped in the outskirts of some village in Maharashtra in the highway. I took the parcel of Veg Pulav and walked in the darkness to find a plant. I dropped the food there hoping some birds might have them when the day breaks in. So I started my Shirdi experience offering food to a Dog and it came to an end with the food remains I offered to birds. Giving matters in Sai devotion and Sai loves animals a lot. Now a days, I always see a dream as if 5-6 Monkeys are sitting around me and some even claims my head. ha ha…

I will write about the experiences I had in Mumbai in few days. When I reached Coimbatore, My Father asked me “Din’t your Sai friends asked about your marriage?”

I told him,” Yes they did. They asked me to come with an invitation next time. I told them, Sai is working on it”.

I had severe stomach ache all through the time I wrote this article. I wrote it because some experiences has to be shared on time. I can’t make you all wait. I know Baba will heal me by his grace. I am just worried about my Father’s health. Sai Baba, please bless my parents with good health and long life.  He’s going to Doctor tommorow and I am starting to temple now.

Should there be a article about my Shirdi trip without a message…Here it goes

Sai Baba loves people who work hard with dedication

After coming back to room, I once wore my Shoes and went near Dwarakamai as it was very hot. I was complaining how hot it is in Shirdi. When I was roaming near Dwarakamai  I saw this man with a heavy bag carrying shoe polish and other stuff. He asked “You want to polish your shoes? Chaka Chak”?

I removed my shoes and started photographing Dwarakamai. I found him doing the work he does with so much love and sincerity. Look at him


He had lots of items in the wooden box to polish the shoe and he enjoyed doing it. He sat right in front of Dwarakamai in this hot weather and started polishing the shoe. I know the quality of the polish he uses might be low but his work was admirable. I was wondering why Sai Baba made me meet him? I was telling Baba to protect devotees from this hot Sun. Sai Baba showed me a Man who was earning his living in the same Shirdi exactly near his very own Dwarakamai. I asked where he is from and he said that he’s from Shirdi only. His name – Valmik.

I gave some more money as a surprise to him. It made him happy. I did this because he taught me a lesson.

Do not complain about what’s happening around you. Just do your work with love and dedication. Sai loves people who does some work. Any good work that’s makes others life comfortable.

Sai’s path is karma marga – Path of work.

His only goal is to make you do good work. Be it your career or personal life.

Do your work with love and dedication

Om Sai Ram

With lots of Love,


Little Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba

3rd April 2016

You can reach me at

Om Sai Ram

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5 thoughts on “Peaceful Sai Baba darshan in Shirdi”

  1. Jai sairam ,i read your article ,your recent visit to Shirdi ,i felt i was in Shirdi, all wonderful and good experience. I too enjoyed Darshan of our loving Sai. Dwarakamai ,neem tree ,mahalaxmitemple —-was a living experience. Your message hard work with devotion ,about valmik(his hardwork in the hot sun),tears in my eye to see him in hot sun. I visited Shirdi more than 5yrs ago,i felt i was in Shirdi ,thank you sairam. Jai Sairam

  2. Venkat you have written it very beautifully taking us to all the places virtually with your description..

  3. Vekatji,I am aged 72 years.I am using all my as far possible to remember Sai Maharaj and chant by
    whatever my heart flashes.l am avid reader.Every
    day,or in hours,whatever article I see I want to
    I it is miracle of Sri Sai.No words can explain the
    way you wrote,(it is also downpour from heart of
    BABA)we are drenched with grace of Sai.I always BABA is staying with good hearted people
    always Om Sai Ram

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