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Shirdi Saibaba’s Udi can be created by yourself

Sairam friends,

Once in a while, I get mail from devotees requesting Udi. Let me clarify something. I honestly don’t have interest to send Udi because its again going to get over. So, for a long time, I was planning to guide devotees to make Udi by themselves at home.

Shirdi Udi:

The Udi you get from Shirdi is very auspicious but since they must give to lakhs of devotees, you can only get minimal quantity. Just one packet for an individual devotee. Due to the miracles Saibaba did during his life time using Udi, devotees throng to get Udi. The problem is Udi gets over soon and they feel insecured. If you live in India, Udi from any Shirdi Saibaba temple can be used.

Udi which you can get from any Shirdi Saibaba temple is auspicious and has same divinity as the Udi you can get from Shirdi. If you can’t get Udi also, do not worry about it.

Secondly, Since it takes lots of effort to create Udi, we cannot always get enough Udi. Dhuni has to be maintained and cleaned, Wooden logs has to be offered regularly, Someone has to filter it and store it safe. So temples where we have lots of crowd coming in themselves don’t have enough Udi. They mix Udi with the sacred ash they can get from shop and distribute devotees.

Some Devotees think that this is not Udi. Remember, What ever you get from any Shirdi Saibaba temple becomes Udi even if its going to be mud. So accept it with faith.

Some devotees had told me that they send some money to Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan as donation and lucky enough to get Udi prasad. If they do it the second time, they may not get Udi.  So they get upset about it.

I have a plan for a long time to write an article about creating Udi by yourself.

If you read Sai Satcharitra, there are incidents where a daughter of a devotee is sick. Another devotee meets them in railway station and simply takes pinch of mud. He applies on the forehead of the girl and she gets healed.

Read Chapter 33 from Sai Satcharitra – Greatness of Udi

How to create Shirdi Saibaba Udi by yourself?

1. If you want to create Udi, you must have a small temple and a place dedicated for Shirdi Saibaba. Zarine madam who wrote Sai Samartha Satcharitra got guidance from Sivanesan Swamiji to make a little Dhuni in her home. She uses cows dung to make Udi.

These small Dhuni are just a 2 feet by 2 feet Width and Length and around 3 feet hole in the surface of the building and they offer Cow dung, coconuts etc to burn it regularly.

Dhuni Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi

Dhuni made in Sivanesan Swamiji Temple – 3 Kms from Shirdi in Pimpalwadi road

One of my good friend was serving in Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi 3 kms from Shirdi in Pimpalwadi road. They have this small dhuni made on the floor itself. Just one and half feet depth and steps made for safety. You can never see huge fire in such Dhuni. Little fire or just the hot ashes can be seen. If you have a small temple in ground floor, you can try such dhuni but remember you must have dedication and time to take care of it. Do not play around with fire.

Warning – Its impossible for most of you to do this. You may not have ability to take care of the fire etc. So better leave this option. Its only for devotees who has a small temple with ample space for little Dhuni in ground floor as a part of their house.

2. The second option is very simple. Instead of creating sacred ashes, why not make a powder which is edible. You can take dry rice and grind it with mixie. This can be stored in a closed vessel kept in your pooja place near Shirdi Saibaba photo or statue and can be used for a month or couple of month.

How does rice powder become Udi?

Well it does. If you believe its Udi, it becomes Udi. Its all in your mind set.

Did you read Chapter 33 in Sai Satcharitra? How can a devotee believe Mud as Udi?

Since Mud cannot be consumed and we all have habit of mixing Udi with water and drinking, I got this idea about making Udi with rice powder.

Is my idea too stupid to believe? I am not sure but as per Shirdi Saibaba’s dream to me on January 1st 2007, 30% of Worlds population will become Sai devotees by 2107 – That’s less than 100 years from now. I don’t want any temple to cut so many trees to make Udi. Instead, such simple Udi, Environment friendly Udi can be created. Obviously, we need Dhuni in all Shirdi Saibaba temples to be lit for ever and we will also get hot sacred Udi from Saibaba.

My option is only for temporary need of Udi. If you live abroad or if you have no Saibaba temples near your home, anything edible can be powdered and kept as Udi.

I shall add a devotees experience too as it will make us realize the power of Udi

Read on her mail..

Shirdi Saibaba’s Udi saved her Father

Dear Venkat ,

Read this section of Star Sai only today….. felt like sharing with you some of my experiences.
Regarding Sai Baba heals, I would say ….yes !!! Baba’s udi works wonder……….without doctors…….
I’ll mention a incident , where I experienced the miracle of the sacred ash

1. It was in 2010 ,I was returning from school ,where I work as a teacher. Sitting in the bus I felt restless as my father in India was not keeping well those days and more so because I’m their only child and do not have any brother or sister. Though I avoid making international calls from my mobile I could not control and just called my parents in Kolkata. It was mamma’s voice ….who was in a panic, and was screaming for help…..Papa fell down in front of the washroom and his face was deformed at that time.

Sitting in the bus with a calm voice the first thing I told Mamma was “put Udi in Papa’s mouth and call the ambulance” and I made further calls to all relatives and informed them.

Papa was taken to the ICU and the doctors declared it was a facial paralytic attack.

My husband flew to India that evening and I sat to read Sai Satcharita .

Next day after 24 hrs the doctors declared it was not a paralytic attack but a sudden fall in the sodium and pottasium salt levels and his face was fine. He returned home after 20 days and went back to normal life very soon.

– Piu didi


Hope you like the above Sai leela friends.

As of now, most of us have Saibaba temples near our place and get Udi or some kind of prasad. You can also use other temples prasad and remember Shirdi Saibaba. Sai will certainly  be with you.

My suggestion to make your own Udi is only for devotees who finds it really hard to get Udi from near by temples. I write for devotees who are going to live thousands of years after I die. So sometimes when you read this, it looks stupid. he he…

People who serve Baba comes and goes but Sai is going to be here, Saibaba temples are going to be here, Shirdi is going to be more busy and hectic. So we must plan to satisfy our needs.

Sai blessings,


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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  • Once Babas devotee raghuji ganpat scinde Patel was cutting log for fuel. Baba stopped him saying u should split dry wood not green…We should keep this message of baba in mind before cutting green trees because trees are as precious for us as sacred udi. Sai ram.

  • Thank you Venkat for sharing my experience .
    The very essence of BABA’s teachings lies in FAITH and PATIENCE. Everytime we invoke BABA with pure faith we will definitely feel His presence in some form.
    In respect to the above article I would like to recall what we have read in the chapter 33 of SaiSatcharita……

    “Once a friend of this Narayanrao was stung by a scorpion and the pain caused by it, was servere and unbearable. Udi is most efficacious in such cases; it is to be applied on the seat of pain, and so Narayanrao searched for it, but found none. Then he stood before Baba’s picture and invoked Baba’s aid, chanted Baba’s name and taking out a pinch of the ashes of the joss-stick burning in front of Baba’s picture and thinking it to be Baba’s Udi, applied it on the seat of pain and the sting. As soon as he took out his fingers, the pain vanished and both the person were moved and felt delighted.”

    I personally have told my parents and relatives to follow this example at any time of crisis when they are not able to have access to BABA’s udi .
    May all readers feel BABA’s devine presence in theur life in numerous ways.
    Om Sai Ram

  • OM Sai Ram

    Dear All,
    I am going to share one incidence of miracle of Sri Sai Baba which happened with my uncle some years ago which he shared with us. I also believe Sai Baba and keeps Sai Vrata and in Sai Vrata Katha also there are details of several miracles of Sri Sai Baba.

    Now I am going to tell you miracle of Sri Sai Baba with my uncle.

    My uncle is a devotee of Sai Baba. Few years back, he went to a sea beach for vacation with his family. They were enjoying with the waters of sea. During this enjoyment breeze of sea came and my uncle lost his control and moved speedly towards inner sea. He felt that he will die now then he just called ‘Om Sai…Sai Ram’ then it is unbelievable for many persons but I believe that as he completed the chant he felt that someone holded his hand and moved towards the coast or beach. He could not see anyone but he was Sai Baba who saved his life. Now my uncle is living happily with his family. Believe on Sai Baba, he will help as he has given the words.

    This was the miracle which I know.

    OM Sai Ram

  • Ohm Sai Ram.
    Thank you for the thoughts about devotees making their own udi. I offer incense to Sai Baba. Once I offer it to Him it becomes His and it is holy. I collect the ash from the incense and keep it as udi. This is just one more way for devotees to have udi in their own home.

  • Thanks for the idea of making our own udi. Thanks for reminding chapter 33 of sai satcharitra.

  • Thanks for the idea of udi making. Can we have a small havan like doing agnihotra and making udi whenever required
    Edit- Yes you can.

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