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How i met Sivanesan Swamiji of shirdi :

I dint really met him because he had his mahasamadhi in 1996 but internally i felt i did meet him.saibaba wants to show me a person who dedicated his life for serving saibaba devotees.I am 28 and had did few mistakes, had pains due to visions baba gave me and also even when i try to be pure and affectionate some times people whom i try to help misunderstand me.Being a softhearted person i was unable to bear it. Many times i had asked sai why i am getting into problems even when i only do the duties he gave me.

I had lots of painful failures and disappointments in my career as i always take wrong decisions ( occording to my sister ) .I was wondering why i am like this but the positive side is that had i been successful , i would have never took this path where baba has shown me visions, hints and promises of what i am supposed to do in future when ever i get time apart from my work .

Lets say it involves

1. Doing something worthy for devotees of shirdi saibaba

2.Guiding people who are suffering in life to do some offerings,pooja, rituals or atleast kind words which can heal their wounds in heart.I mostly request people in pain to light lamps contineously at home and in temple and also involve in any kind of pure charity like serving food,cloth and any kind of help to poor,child orphanage and old age home.

3.Give good information to people who want to learn about shirdi saibaba, the only kind of true saibaba who exists in this universe. I feel painful when people take wrong path and go to some fake gurus.

4.After few years by sais grace i wish to make a place where people learn about teachings of all holy saints and good souls.This way they get inspiration, motivation and a internal change in the way they perceive their life making them a better humanbeing.

Back to story of how i met sivanesan swamiji :

In november 2006, i did a video project and was praying baba to make it a success.One of my friend Renuka had a answer book of shirdi saibaba where i can choose a number and ask for a answer.The surprising thing was i choosed 2 numbers and both had similar answers as below

"You will travel.You will go to shirdi.You will meet a saint.You will get success"

I never thought i will plan a trip to shirdi but in 2nd week of december , i was sitting in nagasai mandhir where my friends suddenly started discussing about desire to go shirdi.I was silent thinking about the answer i got from saibabas answer book.

We got train tickets in waiting list but when we actually travelled on 20:12:2006 we got comfortable seats in train.It was a season time and its only sais grace that our journey was excellent.

on 21:12:2006 , thursday, My friends Kanna,vengadesh and myself we reached shirdi in afternoon.We lit 31 lamps near nandadeep and was really happy to see beautiful baba and his samadhi during evening arathi.we had a emotional darshan and felt as if baba is also happy that we all came to see him.This time i wanted to stay in shirdi for 5 days since i want to feel baba internally and always repeat sai naaam.

The next day morning, after going to samadhi mandhir, Dwarakamai and chawdi,Nandadeep we went to Sivanesan swamiji Mahasamadhi.

Where is it :

sivanesan swamiji Mahasamadhi is situated just 3 kilometers from the sansthans prasadalaya road.You can enquire auto drivers or any one in lodge you stay for reaching there easily.Auto walas charge 40 rupees to reach here.If you visit shirdi, its my request please go to this place as you can feel how shirdi was during babas time.The greenary,shirdi soil, trees,the beautiful atmosphere and the peope who take care of sivanesan swamiji Maha samadhi are really good hearted.They have service motive.

His birth :

Parma Pujya Sree Sivanesan Swamiji was born as the third and last child of Smt. Alamelu and Shri. Muthaiah on 12th April 1927. It was the holy day of Sree Ramnavami. His birthplace was Nayakkan Palayam in Coimbatore District of Tamilnadu, the then Madras State. It was the sound of the ringing temple bells, celebrating the day of Lord Ram’s birth that greeted him.

The beautiful sivanesan swamiji Mahasamadhi :

When i stepped inside the small mandhir of sivanesan swamiji, i felt really happy.The feeling that he was also from my place coimbatore made me feel so touched.I saw the big photo where sivanesan swamiji is standing and fell under his feet.One can see his love for shirdi saibaba just with his simple looks.When i bent down to touch soem udi from the little dhuni , i could feel baba has took me to a saint to help me learn how one must serve saibaba and his devotees.

Then i walked in the small muddy path behind it to reach the beautiful samadhi of sivanesan swamiji.

We just got few information and came back to Nandadeep.Deep in my heart i knew i will again go to sivanesan swamiji samadhi to get more information.I went there on 24:12:2006 evening with my friends.

This time i was more emotional.I kept on repeating that i must do something for sivanesan swamiji for many reasons

1.he is from my place coimbatore.I cant imagine this man got hooked to sai so much that he had stayed in the little room near dwarakamai for 42 years from 1954 to 96 .He has served several devotees by guiding them in sais path.He has always told stories of sai and helped devotees increase their faith.He has guided devotees to visit other saints and holy places and also made many to involve in good actions like giving food,

2.He also loves pradiksanam ( coming around god statues in circle several times ) .I used to come around dhuni in nagasai mandhir thousands of times everyday for one and half years from 2005 to 2006 march.

3.I am sure baba would have talked to him in person and also during meditation but he has never ever revealed such happenings.Once a devotee has seen him meditating in Lendi bagh garden 11 o clock at night.He was surprised and asked swamiji how come he is meditating in this late night.Swamiji has answered that he is doing meditation same time for past 40 years.

I understood that baba would have shown him several thousand visions, talked to him and also adviced him what he is supposed to do after his samadhi.Just with few minutes of meditation , i am blabbering in this site that i saw this and that but this great man would have known more through his visions and i wonder why he never revealed it.May be he doesnt want anyone to distract with any informations.He has only asked every devotee to remember sai, be faithful and surrender to his feet.He never allowed anyone to get ashirwad by touching his feet.All this made me learn how he has remained true to sai showing himself as a ordinary servant of sai irrespective of him being very powerful according to me.

so for all the above reasons , i wanted to do something for sivanesan swamiji. I want to spread the message about his mahasamadhi, about his life etc.Infact for people like me he will be a inspiration.I really accepted sivanesan swamiji whole heartedly for guiding me and helping me learn the art of serving shirdi saibaba.

The beautiful moment :

when i walked into the maha samadhi of sivanesan swamiji for second time on 24:12:2006 , it was a beautiful moment .I spent more than 20 minutes there.I met the person who takes care of the place and the poojari.Both were very helpful in giving me information about sivanesan swamiji.

Zarine Madam - A soul i admired

I also learnt about Zarine madam who consider sivanesan swamiji as her guru and its her love for shirdi saibaba which has helped us know the value of sivanesan swamiji.When i saw the place where sivanesan swamiji samadhi is situated , i felt someone had a dream same as mine many years before itself.I went to small museum and found they had planned to build a beautiful mandhir, hospital and school in that place.If its done, it will serve many sai devotees.Now they are collecting donations or any kind of help to build this place.The project is called " sree Jagadguru Sainath Maharaj Bhavanam and Sree Sadguru Sivanesan Swamiji's Gurukulam".

I felt very very painful that shes 76 years old now and shes not feeling well.I asked baba to heal her soon because i wish she steps in her dream project after its being build beautifully by sais grace.Everyone who reads this please pray for Zarine madam as she has dedicated most part of her life in service to saibaba and sai devotees.

Books written by Zarine :

I got 2 books "sree sai samartha satcharitra" The longer version of life and teachings of shirdi saibaba written by Govind Raghunath dabholkar "Hemadpant" traslated in english by Zarine Taraporevala and a book about Life of sivanesan swamiji titled " God's rainbow and other short stories of sree sadguru sivanesan swamiji of shirdi.

Blessings from Sivanesan swamiji :

I got holy water of sivanesan swamiji and prasad and i was still standing in front of his samadhi.A beautiful statue of ganesh,his statue and also many items kept there.I placed the book of his life over samadhi.Then i touched his samadhi for a long time and prayed whole heartedly.Inside my mind i thanked him for taking me all the way from coimbatore to his mahasamadhi.A man who came from coimbatore as a youngster is now a saint in shirdi.A sparrow pulled by baba to shirdi and who remained in shirdi forever to bless us all.

I went towards a small Shiv Ling kept opposite to his samadhi, closed my eyes and prayed " baba please help me do something useful for sivanesan swamiji, Help me in my career and also to serve humanity as much as i can" .When i opened my eyes , i saw a Big beautiful Hibiscus flower pushed by the gentle breeze and fell down as if sivanesan swamiji is blessing me wholeheartedly.The meaning of sivanesan being " one who loves Lord Shiva" , the flower falling down from shiv ling was a beautiful moment which i will never forget rest of my life.

I initially felt shy to take the flower but i bent down and took it and droped in my pocket before anyone notices.he he me it was very precious....a memory that Lord Shiva and his lover shivanesan swamiji has blessed me.

My friends kanna, vengadesh and myself relaxed sitting in the varanda outside the museum for a while admiring the beautiful evening sun light that fell on us and the holy shirdi soil.The poojari was very kind to give us a book and told us story of shivanesan swamiji.He also told us about the project and we promised to do all we can to take part in this holy work.I gave him a poster of saibaba which i printed for .

A walk in shirdi soil :

How was shirdi during babas time.We saw it on this day.A beautiful mud path.....trees,plants,full of greenary,few people working in the field watering the plants.we walked slowly discussing how peaceful is this place.shirdi would have been like this during babas time.we can even hear the birds chirping.

I got one kg of sugar in a shop and as i always do , i dropped it for Ants in both sides of the road.Its my habit to feed ants and small insect.something whats there to eat but drop it.If God makes me drop sugar i am sure he knows some little soul is hungry who will reach there anytime and feel lucky to get sweet sugar.

A beautiful shirdi experience :

This was a wonderful shirdi experience when i always remembered sai....repeated sairam sairam sairam always.Some moments i also spoke to baba about the pains i face in my personal and professional life but i always showed baba feel my love for him.Everyday morning we went to samadhi mandhir, saw arathi , touched samadhi of our great sai, went to Dwarakamai, offered ghee in Dhuni , dropped dakshina in hundiyal and asked baba to accept it himself as he would do when he lived.I read sai satcharitra few pages sitting near Nandan deep , infront of Dwarakamai and Chawdi.

Lighting lamps near Nandadeep :

In evening we get lamps from a women who sells them in front of Dwarakamai.We take it to Nandadeep and arrange them in the tray present there and light many lamps.This is the best thing .Then we come around Nandadeep atleast 30 minutes to one hour.I love this because Lighting lamps is always something i love and also ask others to do.

Back to coimbatore :

We boarded our train in pune to coimbatore on christmas night 25:12:2006.I was happy to get a upper seat and slept there keeping the sivanesan swamiji book on my chest.I was saying him that i liked him a lot and i am touched that he is also from coimbatore and he also loves pradikshanams same like me.I was speaking to him in my heart that i cant be a saint as i have lots of desires in my personal and professional life but i also want to spend sometime i get to serve shirdi saibaba.I prayed him help me make my long term goal of making a place for spreading the message and teachings of shirdi saibaba and all saints and good souls.

I reached coimbatore on 27th december 2006.I know baba has righly answered me before a month throgh the answer book.

"You will travel.You will meet a saint.You will get success"

I know the saint baba has mentioned was sadguru sivanesan swamiji.I had met him in his samadhi and he has also blessed me with a beautiful flower which is kept safe in the book of his life.Right now , when i touch that flower , i feel it.I feel something beautiful about all this experiences.

I met a saint.
I am waiting for success.
I cried a lot after i returned from shirdi due to few personal and career problems.

All i know is that had i been successful before 8 years, i would have been just another sai devotee who comes to temple and goes out. sometimes asking sai and sometimes thanking him for what he gave me but that was not to be...............

I failed , got hurted, went through lots of pains in everything i did and my life took me here.My desires are fresh as before but i led a strange life that no other youth would have experienced. Its sais work.He wants to pull me to serve him and i did it whole heartedly.I dint achieve anything but i atleast learnt little about saibaba, tried to help few sai devotees in pain and wish to do something useful in future .

Today i printed 1000 small card for Sivanesan swamiji Mahasamadhi with quotes

"Surrender your Body , Mind and Speech to sadguru" - shirdi saibaba.

This is first little work i did for sivanesan swamiji as i wish and its because of his blessings that i am able to do it. My work has started .....

Pranams to sadguru Sivanesan swamiji of shirdi

Love as always to shirdi saibaba

aum sai ram

C .Venkat Raman

- 06:01:2007

Sais ways are unique :

I had sent my parcel of few cards printed for Sivanesan swamiji ashram along with a 20 page letter to Zarine madams mumbai residence thinking she will read it and advice me and guide me on how to serve saibaba. I really dunno why i felt very affectionate with her .Today her friend Mr.Jaspal was kind enough to call me and inform that she passed away on December 29th 2006 ( 2 days after i retured from shirdi.I dint know that baba will take her soon with him )....its strange.... i had wrote her the letter and printed cards when she has already reached sai.I feel painful that i never met Zarine madam in my life time.Its hard to come across such good souls who dedicated their life in service of sai.I would have learnt a lot from her.Anyway, lets all understand now shes a angel in sais kingdom blessing all of us.

I think why all this happened in the past 3 weeks to me.When i see photographs of Zarine madam and sivanesan swamijiin the book " Gods rainbow" it makes me cry for reasons i dont know. I dont even know her personally .My mom said its good Zarine madam doesn't have to suffer any more in old age. Let her soul rest in peace.

Sai's ways are unique.

Aum sai ram

venkat raman
10 : 01 : 2007


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