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My kids are growing and getting distracted

Sairam friends,

I had been to Shirdi Saibaba temple last evening and came around the holy dhuni for few minutes. I wanted to confirm something from Sai baba and got answer from beautiful Murugan in the form of  Kalyana Subramaniar behind the temple. Later, I went shopping and came back to Dwarakamai. I was sitting looking at the Dhuni.

Now, I shall take you 10 years back in time machine!

It was April 14th 2005. I believe its Rama Navami day. Those days, I used to print posters of Shirdi Saibaba and also do photography of Saibaba with roses and give it to few devotees who come around Dhuni. Shej Aarti was going on. A devotee whom I know came with a kid in to Dwarakamai. She took her near Dhuni Baba and prayed. I looked at the kid, asked her name and gave her a big photography I took keeping Saibaba and 60 pink Roses. That must be the only time I met this kid but her aunt regularly comes to Saibaba temple.

It’s surprising how I even remember the exact date I gave Saibaba photo to this kid.

Anyway, My little flash back is over.

(Note – Due to privacy reasons, I am not exposing the name of the kid)

Yesterday, her aunt came into Dwarakamai and bent towards me. She said “………….is now studying +2 and always on WhatsApp messaging her friends.I want her to focus on studies. She must not go in wrong ways.” I laughed to her and said “She will do well. Ask her to come to Saibaba temple once and warn her not to spend too much time online.”

Once she left, I was wondering how time passed so fast? Someone whom I saw as Kid is already grown-up, getting distracted and becoming naughty. Their aunts and parents are coming to me with complaints. he he..

If I consider all Sai children as my own kids, I personally desire to see them grow up as a good human being and lead a simple, peaceful life.

Not just youngsters. Everyone are complicating their life with unnecessary relationships. I pray Sai Baba to show the right path to my kids.

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Om Sai Ram


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