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Chanting for Mom’s and Dad’s who take care of Children suffering from complex disorders

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

When I was in Mumbai, I used to have a chanting counter in my pocket. Let’s say I chant “Sai Sai Sai” for 9 times. I used to press it once. I chant when ever I travel in train and walk to work. Once I came to Coimbatore, I gave it as a gift to one of my friend who had come from Malaysia. She had mailed me yesterday after many years which made me remember the days I used to chant Baba’s name sincerely. At times, I will be able to chant “SAI SAI SAI” 10,000 times in a single day.

Now a days, I speak. I speak so much all stupid things that comes to my mind that there’s no way I can focus on chanting.

I will continue to speak but today but wish chant “Sai Sai Sai” in mind for Mom’s and Dad’s who takes care of their children suffering from Complex mental disorders like Autism. Some of these Mother’s used to write to me. One special devotee used to make Art work with Papers just to divert her mind.

I say this to many people I come across through StarSai

“If you are worried and depressed, focus your mind on something creative”

One of this guy at work came to my home the day I bought my Camera and stayed til 12. I showed him the videos I made in Mumbai and he kept asking me for the file the past 2-3 days. The problem is when I see this work, I wish to do something like that again. I wish to buy a small camera to make another candid film in Coimbatore. I wanna do something creative by Sai Saraswathi grace.

You too must try to focus your mind on something creative. Imagine how hard it is for parents who needs lifetime commitment if their kids has such health issues?

Parents taking care of such Children suffering from complex disorders needs immense patience and good heart. I don’t usually reply mails when ever grown-up adults write me saying they are going through some mental issues because I am not certified to do counselling. All I can do is show you Sai’s path.

Saibaba himself will show you the right way. Nothing will get cured immediately but you have faith on Baba. Surely you will see a change. In Saibaba temple I visit regularly, there’s this guy who laughs to himself and I know Baba will take care of him.

I think even I have some bad habits. ¬†When ever I sit with friends, I suddenly go into my own world. I look at something distant and think deeply. Usually, when we are in lunch, I go into such deep thought process. Since I have to look at something distant, my eyes usually falls on plate of someone sitting in front of me. After a while, they will ask “You need it?” he he…I tell them “No..I was thinking”.

I know this is a bad habit only when I had an experience in Tirupati. We were having prasad in the hall. A family was having food in the opposite row. I started thinking deeply looking at something distant. Suddenly, I saw the wife hinting her husband that I am looking at his food. He stared at me and I was shocked. He felt very bad as he also took the rice of his wife. So he assumed, I am wondering how he has so much food. I realized to be careful and not to think deeply when I am in public place.

Anyway, let me see if I can chant “Sai’s holy name” when ever I find time today and dedicate it to parents who take care of their children with complex disorders in brain.

Sai, please give inner strength and cheerfulness to these Mom’s and Dad’s.



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  • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts to do this. My mother was sad over the situation she faced with my Sister and called me. I opened your website after that and found this article and told her about it. It made her happy. Sai bless you always. Om sairam

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