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Can’t believe baby born by Saibaba’s blessing is so small

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Few month back, I saw one of this girl at work continuing to remain in the workplace even after she could leave for the day. My friends were teasing her saying that her Mother in law has to her home and hence she doesn’t feel comfortable to go home. Later that week, some of my friends were telling me that she feels bad that her MIL is keep on telling her harshly as she has not given birth to a baby yet. It could just be a desire from a MIL’s perspective but I have seen this happening in most families across India.

Like I say for myself –

The only thing  India did not do to me is taking away my Citizenship for not getting married yet.

Similarly, if you are married and doesn’t have a kid within 2-4 years, people hint that often as if you don’t deserve to stay back in this country.

I used to get hundreds of mails earlier from couples who don’t have child. I made  especially since I love this devotee called Chandrabai borker. What kind of devotion. She met Sai. SHE MET SAIBABA himself several times. She loves him deeply. Not once she asked Baba to fulfill her desire.

Baba used to call her Bhai.Once, Baba asked her

“Bhai…What is your hearts desire?”

She replied “Baba..You know what I need. You are always living in me”

Chandrabhai was married for several years. Her husband never once worshipped Baba but never stopped her from going to Shirdi. You know when she had a baby finally?

When she was 53 years old. Baba had samadhi in 1918. Only 3 years later, she had her baby in 1921.

When she was pregnant, she had tumor in her stomach and the Doctor adviced to abort the child as its dangerous for her life. She said, this is the baby blessed by my Sai and hence Saibaba will take care. I am ready to take risk.

The baby was born safely.

Some people write me thinking is a temple. Its just a micro site. My intention is to make couples praying for  a child to have confidence and believe that they will have child. Don’t hurry. Life is all about patience.

Anyway, coming back to this girl at work, I was blessed with a dream the day I prayed for her.

I heared Baba telling me, ask her to worship Goddess Mahalakshmi reciting Sri Suktam. She will be blessed with a baby.

Click for Sri Suktam

I also saw as if she’s sitting in the stair case near my place but there was a cabin there.

I usually don’t tell my dreams to anyone at work. During this time only, I had dreams about other girl at work and I did a major mistake in telling that to her.

Anyway, I was worried about this girl who was bothered by her MIL for not having a child. She speaks well to me and hence I told her the dream I had. I don’t show StarSai myself to anyone at work unless I really wish to. So I showed some other site with Sri Suktam and told her to recite the mantra.

I am pretty sure, she would have not recited the mantra once because you know, some people don’t take others dreams etc seriously. Just just carefully listened to me. May be, She felt bad for me telling this to her. I just know Saibaba has been following her right from childhood because she has once mentioned that there’s a Saibaba temple near her home in Odissa.

2-3 month back she was blessed with a baby.

Yesterday, I was in Saibaba temple. While I was in the parking space, I found this girl holding her baby in her arms with her husband. They were about to start. I felt the baby is too small! he he..

I just spoke to her for a minute but felt happy because deep in my mind, I believe that this is the baby which was born by Saibaba’s grace.

Now, I shall tell you a fact.

Many Sai devotees think that Saibaba will do something only if you do pooja or recite aarti or read Sai Satcharita. Yes its true because all these activities makes you more pure and washes away your sins. Especially, Chanting Sai’s holy name is good.

When it comes to this girl, I don’t think she did any of these. She just remained whom she was. That’s it.

If you think positively and remain who you are as a person without doing anything bad to anyone, certainly Sai will take care of your desires.

If you want a child. Be calm and have patience.

If you want anything else, if that’s good for you, Sai will give you. Have immense patience.

That’s it friends.

Why did I write this article today?

I had a dream as if I am in a hall and hiding something. A cute baby girl was in the floor and trying to take what I hid. In order to distract it, I am pinching on its back. It goes pink and the baby starts to cry. I woke up and felt bad of myself if I am so bad to hurt a baby? Baba, please make me good. Don’t tell me that I am so cruel!

My Mom is asking me to sweep home as the maid has not come

And yes! Babies are small, cute and sweet!

A gift of God!



( I like the quote in the featured images as now a days, there are so many healthcare organizations to cater people who don’t have kids. They must work keeping in mind, that its a beautiful experience a women could possibly have in her lifetime. Beyond everything babies are gift of God).

Keep doing good deeds. You will be blessed!

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  • I havent been married yet and nearing 34; I feel maybe I’m not meant for marriage or motherhood . But Baba may want me to nourish many in other ways. I dont feel too bad… It’s God’s will. When people pressure you remind them God has a reason. It doesnt matter to get married or not if it isnt in destiny. People need to understand … and if they dont try not to worry about what they think. Life is short, dont worry about what others think. Just aim to be happy serve Baba and complete life. Many wise people especially older say happiness is something we must choose…. Im no there yet but dont let the world dictate your feelings. Just laugh critics off, your defense is Baba himself. Have a happy day 🌸👼

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