How Shirdi Saibaba blessed a girl with satisfaction in her job as a Nurse?

Sairam friends,

I have a very good friend in Mumbai who works as a Nurse in a reputed Hospital. I admire her devotion on Sai. Sometimes, she wakes up early in the morning to recite Aarti of our Saibaba.

Today, She shared this experience with us. I always encourage devotees to share their names on StarSai because no one will find if only the first name is revealed. But this Sai leela is related to her work environment. So I myself asked her to keep it anonymous.

It’s not nice to call someone as anonymous. This morning, Saibaba blessed me with a very divine dream as if a huge Hibiscus flower is grown in our home. So I decided to call this girl as Sai Hibiscus!

Now, let us move on to the letter sent by Sai Hibiscus!

Here I want to share my beautiful experience with what I am going through; how Saibaba use to protect me in the worst situation.

So the whole matter is about my job. I am a nurse. I had passed out in 2017. I had not that much interest in my job but due to some conditions there was no other options for me.

So I continued my work in the clinical area only. From the day I started my job, I really faced so many difficulties and also I wasn’t able to continue in one particular institution.

Continuously, I was praying Baba for a satisfying job; as I had financial issues also. After quitting many institutions, I got finally a job in Mumbai with a satisfying salary. Before appearing in Mumbai’s interview I didn’t expect such a good salary.

So finally, I got into this institution in April 2019. After that, I faced too many difficulties in work as I was not that much good enough in a particular area which in I was appointed.

I madly prayed Sai Baba to change my work area and I tried to convince my superiors for the same. But Baba didn’t agree because Baba knew that after this struggling period, this area is only will be the best and safe for me; I have realized that now.

So the story is, as I have some respiratory health issues and it is dangerous if I expose myself in this corona situation. Literally, How I am supposed to express my gratitude and love for Baba? I don’t know.

When the corona was in adverse stage in Mumbai; my management took a decision to isolate some staff to remain unexposed with the coronavirus for a special project. And for that project, they selected my particular area.

And you all can’t even believe that I am sitting in an apartment with all facilities from 10th May. I m getting my full salary without doing any work till this day.

Because Baba knows that it’s not good if I get expose with corona virus. And baba also blessed me by allowing to do Baba’s sagunupasana (all aartis) which I love to do in this free time.

-Sai Hibiscus

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. This reminds me of an incident which happened 30 years back in India. Seems, when Bhopal tragedy happened a man who’s an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara worked there in senior role.

He was eagerly expecting to become the senior most person in the organization and prayed Lord Venkateshwara for the same. Unfortunately, some politics was played and another person was appointed as a head of the whole unit in Bhopal.

This devotee of Venkateswara felt very pain that the Lord did not heed to his prayers, resigned the job and came back to Chennai to begin job in a new company.

Within few months, the Bhopal tragedy which killed thousands of people happened. That’s when he realized that Lord Venkateshwara has infact saved him from a painful situation that would have costed him lifetime of tragedy.

So remember this friends. Saints like Sai and the Goddess you worship will only do good to you be it relationship or studies or career.

Have patience and you will realize Sai has always done the right for you.

Om Sai Ram


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