Saibaba cured her Brother and taught practical lessons about life

Sairam friends,

Many of us read Sai Satcharita but it would be a mere reading and sometimes, we won’t really follow Sai’s words. Only when we face pains and difficulties in life, we will realize how Saibaba expected us to behave and lead a good life.

Here is a devotee’s experience which I really liked. It was sent by a devotee who wants to stay anonymous.

Dear devotees,

Today, I want to share my experience with Saibaba. I have asked Sai to take care of my family and my mom’s family.

Recently my Brother got ill and was in need to undergo surgery. They didn’t have the money to go for the treatment. As you know, arranging money could take a lot of time. Meanwhile, he approached us, and we had to take care of him.

I promised Baba that I would share my experience in the blog once he recovered.

Here at this time, I have learned 3 things in my life

1) Whoever comes to us with some need we shouldn’t hurt their feelings. Have to give proper food and care.

2) If anybody requires money, if we don’t like to give it, Its O.K, but we should take care of them well.

3)If we use the money for the needful, in return we will be happy and peaceful.

4)We shouldn’t talk behind that person. We don’t know what that person has gone through in his life.

These are the things we read in Sai Satcharita. But I have learned practically in my life now. We also read whoever goes with Baba’s words will be safe. Others will get problems.

By Baba’s grace now the surgery is over, and my Brother is recovering. Thank you Baba for taking care of our family.

Thank you for your blessings, Baba, Please bless us always like this. Please pardon me for my mistakes and be with us always and guide me when I am doing wrong.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the views of our experience.

-a devotee

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. What I like about Sreedevi is the way she could relate Sai Satcharita with these experiences. She says that now, Sai has given her practical understanding of how one should behave and treat others in pain.

Sai blesssings


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