A Saibaba statue bought in Shirdi was broken but continues to bless a family in Malaysia

Sairam friends,

Many Sai Baba devotees visit StarSai from Malaysia. So this post is dedicated to Shirdi Saibaba devotees in Malaysia.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about Tarkhad family who were ardent Sai devotees during Sai’s lifetime in Shirdi.

Dream of Saibaba statue in a temple with agarbathi smoke over his divine face

For devotee’s who don’t know that story, I will write it again.

Tarkhad family lived in Mumbai and all of them loved Saibaba immensely. They bought a new Ganesha statue and started worshiping but the trunk of Lord Ganesha got broken. During their next visit to Shirdi, they asked Saibaba if they should throw the Ganesha Statue away as its not auspicious to keep a broken statue in home.

Sai simply asked them “If one of your family member looses their hand or leg, will you throw them away?”

So they realized their mistake and continued to worship Lord Ganesha.

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I had also made a video about it yesterday.

This morning, one of my good Sai friend Rathika from Malaysia wrote me about her experience with similar broken statue of Saibaba.

Saibaba Statue in Malaysia
Saibaba Statue in Rathika’s home – Malaysia

She had bought a Saibaba Statue in Shirdi. Probably due to travel in the flight and the way luggage is being handled, when she reached home back in Malaysia, she found the Saibaba statue was broken. It had a crack behind the shoulder of Baba.

My friend never had any second thoughts about keeping the statue. She decided to keep the Baba statue with herself and continues to worship him happily

I am sure Saibaba is also blessing her family and happily living in her home in Malaysia!

Why this blog is important? That’s because many Sai devotees drop broken Saibaba Statues in some corner of temple and run away. Ha ha..That’s the right way to use.

Once a guy came late night to Saibaba temple. I was standing in Dwarakamai. He came with bunch of framed photographs of Gods and Goddess and was about to keep it in the corner and go away.

I watched him keeping the framed photo down and told him “This is not the place to take care of a photographs which they decided to throw away”.

He came with a girl and was blinking. I said, keep it in your home or keep it under any tree in the highway and go away. Atleast not in temple because the temple people and volunteers won’t have any clue on how to dispose the photograph.

Now, I feel that I shouldn’t have even given such crazy idea to that guy. I would have just asked him not to dispose the old photographs in temple. Rest is his own wish.

Sai blessings

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