Shirdi Saibaba loves Sri Ganesh

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I am a bit depressed today due to some issues. I could feel it deep in my heart. Anyway, I am writing this since I will be going to Madurai for my Cousins wedding on 15th and 16th. I honestly don’t like travelling as parents health is not good and I really don’t feel comfortable in a wedding environment. I have lots of plans and wanted to work on it irrespective of the failures I face.

Ganesh Chaturthi is on 17th of September 2015. I wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Keep remembering Sri Ganesh and all the obstacles in your life will be warded off.

Meanwhile, Here’s beautiful, cute painting of Saibaba and Lord Ganesha by a devotee Santhi. I am searching for her mail ID since I got this mail a month back and don’t know how to let her know that I used this painting in this article.

Sai Loves Ganesha
Sai Loves Ganesha

I wish to share a very good story I remember about Tarkad family.

Once Tarkad’s (The Father of Tarkad known by their family name) had been to Chor Bazar in Mumbai. He saw a beautiful, tiny Ganesh Statue kept for sale in a shop. When he was about the pay for the Ganesh, a Britisher said that he liked the Ganesh statue more and he will be ready to buy it for any price. Tarkad being a kind hearted man felt its OK if the Britisher is showing so much devotion on Ganesh and allowed him to buy the same. During the conversation with the Shop Keeper, the Britisher said that he will be keeping the Ganesh Statue as a paper weight in his office table.

Tarkad got furious hearing this and felt that our beautiful Lord Ganesh must not be bought by a Britisher who just want to keep him as a paper weight. Tarkad told the Shop keeper that he will be ready to pay more than what ever the Britisher is ready to pay. Finally, Tarkad won the deal and he bought the Ganesh statue to his home.

The whole Tarkad family loved this beautiful little Sri Ganesh. They did pooja for him and kept him happy with devotion.

Lord Ganesha Statue in Tarkhad's home
Lord Ganesha Statue in Tarkhad’s home – Ardent devotees of Saibaba

Once, the trunk of this Ganesh Statue got broken. Tarkad, his wife and their son told this to Saibaba during their next trip to Shirdi. They wanted to know if they can keep the broken Ganesha for worship or through it away. Baba smiled to them and told “If a member of your family lost a hand, will you throw him away?”

Tarkad family realized their mistake. They went back to Mumbai, pasted the Trunk of Ganesha to his head and continue to worship him forever. This Ganesh Murti is still happily being taken care by Tarkad family. I read this Sai Leela in a book written by Great grandson of Tarkad. Its such a sweet book.

The reason I wrote this incident is because Shirdi Saibaba encourages devotion on any God you love. If you Love Ganesh, he will make you do pooja to him and visit his temple. If you love Sri Krishna, Sai will inspire you to be devoted to Krishna.

Another beautiful aspect of Sai is his love for Lord Ganesha and Hanuman.

From the above incident we can clearly understand how much Saibaba loves Sri Ganesh.

Enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi. We are planning to come back by Car from Madurai as my Father wants to do some seva in the Colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple and wanted to be here for early morning pooja. So please pray that we reach Coimbatore safe.

I am too sad these days that I don’t even smile to people I know or probably, I am living in my own world. I am getting too scared at times. I pray Sai and Vinayakar to bless me and everyone with a peace of mind.

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