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Sairam friends,

Few years back I wrote below article about what you can do on Guru Purnima

Eight things you can do on Guru Purnima Festival for Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Friday, July 27th is Guru Purnima. I am really happy since Saibaba has been so kind to me in this birth and several other births I would have taken in past. I am not sure how people judge success in life but the fact that I am able to smile today proves that Sai has certainly blessed me with a good life. Irrespective of the ups and downs, Sai’s presence has done a lot to me.

I would like to thank all my Sai friends who prayed for us when my parents and myself had been to Chennai for U.S Visa interview. Thankfully, the interviewer had a friendly gesture and after severl questions, they granted us Visa. Especially me getting a Visa is only because of my parents being senior and also Sai’s grace.

On the other hand, I am not sure if we would go to the U.S because my Dad’s health isn’t that good. Both my Mom and Dad are weak. After I came out of Consulate, my Dad said he was really hungry and felt dizzy. My Mom also said she felt like fainting. I am wondering how they will be able to tolerate 25-30 hours journey to my Sister’s place. So lets see how it goes.

I have learnt a lot about life in the past 2-3 days. I was hurt due to few issues but that’s OK. Life has always been like that for me.

During our stay in Chennai, we had to go by Taxi to all places.

I will let you know about my visit to Kabaleeswarar temple and meeting my sweet Goddess Karpagambal. I also was blessed with a dream to go to Parthasarathy temple and felt good. I went to Mylapore Saibaba temple but I am extremely sorry to say that I found it too mechanical. This is one of my favourite Saibaba temple which I am visiting for over 20 years but I did not experience divinity this time and told Sai baba to restore the temple’s greatness. I can’t write what I experienced openly but I know deep inside something is going wrong and Baba himself is hurt.

Edhukuda ivlo scene podurenga. Its Saibaba’s temple. So be polite. There should not be different rules between people who belong to temple and devotees. You can allow regular devotees to skip que but don’t speak aloud and do it with pride. I have seen many devotees having  a pride just because they can skip que. Remember, there’s no shortcut in life.

I told Narasimha Swamiji who created the temple to bring back the very reason why he wants to build Sai temple. I found too many securities objecting us. Always observing us. Even if we stop in que for 5 seconds, some “So called Sevaks” will ask us to move. Excuse me  – It wasn’t that crowded when I went. Please don’t hurt devotees. Sai won’t like it.

I also saw a man loudly speaking on phone. When a family came in, he loudly told the priest to do archana for them quickly. They were allowed to skip the que. Well, you can showoff but there’s a limit. Just because you belong to temple doesnt mean you can loudly speak on phone sitting inside the temple and show off with pride. You people are nothing infront of my Sai!

Met some hard working ordinary Indians

I was able to meet some good taxi drivers.I asked one of this guy is he is just beginning his duty. He said that he had been driving all day and also continuing at night. I was shocked and asked him “Don’t you need rest?”. He told me that he will sleep inbetween trips. He is young but that doesn’t mean he has to work so hard. Some people choose to work like this to earn their living. I felt bad of politicians in Tamilnadu/India because millions of people like this work hard and pay tax and look how politicians are looting away our money?

Anyway, what’s special for Guru Purnima?

Its very special day. So keep remembering Shirdi Saibaba deeply. You feel be blessed. Try to go to temple but all I can request is chanting SAI SAI SAI in mind is more than enough. Please read few pages of any Sai book or Sai Satcharita. You can also do any good deeds.

Baba bless you with good health, peace and prosperity


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