This Guru Purnima, I woke up early to do meditation

Sairam friends,

July 16th happens to be holy Guru Purnima. I pray Shirdi Saibaba for all of you to lead a peaceful and happy life.

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This morning, I woke up at 3.30 A.M. Then, I decided to do meditation. So I came to my room, lit 3 lamps infront of Shirdi Sai Baba statue and photos and closed my eyes chanting

“Om Sai Ram”

I felt really blissful doing meditation early in the morning. I was also trying to remember how Saibaba would have first visited Shirdi as a young boy. Sai used to sit under the Neem tree and did meditation. People of Shirdi were surprised wondering who this boy could be.

Later, some issues happened and Sai had to leave Shirdi. None knew where Saibaba spent for the next 4 years and what he did?

Only later did Saibaba came along with marriage party of Chad Patil’s family. This time, Sai permanently stayed in Shirdi for the next 60 years.

Reading Sai Satcharitra is good but what matters is thinking about stories of Saibaba is more beautiful. You don’t have to go to any meditation workshop or spend money running behind false Gurus.

Simply think of ancient saints like Sai, close your eyes and chant their holy name. You will be immensely blessed.

This is the message for this beautiful Guru Purnima.

This morning, my Sister messaged that she has severe neck ache and had to come to her home early from work. I asked her to trust Saibaba. I also asked her to keep food for birds regularly infront of her home.

The blessings of feeding people, animals and birds will always take care of you and your family.

Om Sai Ram


Here’s one of the devotees experience.

Saibaba blessed with happy pregnancy and also helped to do Phd

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1 thought on “This Guru Purnima, I woke up early to do meditation”

  1. Sairam Venkat!! 🙂
    So true. The stories alone are very good for devotees to just think about or talk about, even if
    they can’t read the Shri Sai Satcharitra always just thinking of stories from Sai’s life
    is very beneficial for them.
    As you know! When Baba reappeared, he found Chand Patil in the forest
    looking for Chandani, his mare. Chand was so sad and then the miracle happened:
    Chand found Chandani, and there afterwards Chand invited Sai Baba
    to the wedding.

    To just think of this for real devotees is to spend many hours
    just contemplating about the wonder of all the miracles and that in itself is going
    benefit the devotee. I hope you have a very happy Guru Purnima.
    Mine was really very beautiful! I had a very happy day. 🙂 Jai Sai Ram!!

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