Enjoyed Sweeping Dwarakamai

Sairam friends,

All this day, I was working on a new project and then went to Saibaba temple in the evening. The priest gave me flowers which I kept in the bag and came back again near holy Dhuni and was coming around it. The devotee who sweeps regularly did not show up. So I swept Dwarakamai and really enjoyed it. I think sweeping is really a good physical work and we must do it once in a while at home too..he he…

Meanwhile, Here’s a Shirdi Saibaba Photo contributed by Aditi Gulati. I usually don’t post Sai photos without permission from original creator but I am posting this since Aditi sent saying its “Colourful Saibaba”

Shirdi saibaba
Saibaba in vibrant colours

I usually never sweep my home for a whole week when ever my parents are in the U.S. Now a days, when my Ma asks me to sweep, I get really bored of it but I wash vessels at night. This is the only physical work I do which is really not good for my health. I wonder why I am so lazy? Some people are very active when when they get old.

Anyway, I am trying to remember who was sweeping Dwarakamai in Shirdi when Saibaba lived. Its been more than 5 years since I have been to Shirdi but I don’t feel like going too. I am spreading the most important message by not going to Shirdi and still being devoted to Saibaba. The message is simple – “Sai lives in you”

I do miss Shirdi and will certainly make use of any opportunity I get to go Shirdi.

Coming back to Sweeping, I think Abul used to Sweep Dwarakamai. There’s this devotee called Balasaheb Naveskar who also used to clean all the streets in which Saibaba walks during Chavadi Procession. Not sure if its Naveskar.

Abdul is also the boy who changes the oil in the lamp kept in Dwarakamai everyday. He used to do it devotedly for several years.

I wish to listen to experiences of Sai devotees. Please send your experiences to mail ID found in Contact page in top menu. You can also send in the photos of Saibaba you took in your house.


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