Chanting for rain in villages of Maharashtra

Sairam friends,

Once in a while its important to think about people whom we are not directly associated with. The past few days from March 2016, I have been reading news stories about scarcity of water in places like Latur and the whole of Vidarba and Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Today, I wish to chant “Om Sai Ram” “Om Sai Ram” “Om Sai Ram” for few minutes and dedicate my prayers for the innocent farmers and people living in more than 15,000 drought hit villages in Maharashtra.

Few years back, I prayed Rain God, Varuna for rain in Coimbatore РPrayers to Varuna Dev for Rain 

Can Chanting Sai’s name bring rain?

Does chanting “Sairam” or any other mantra and doing pooja really bring rain? Let’s imagine it won’t as its summer and there’s no possibility of rain. It’s nature and nothing is in our control. Irrespective of all this, Its my belief that Saints like Shirdi Sai Baba has power to bring rain even when it’s not possible.

Even if rain doesn’t come, I know for sure Sai Baba is worried about people suffering without water. So being a little servant of Sai Baba, I wanted to spend this day chanting holy name of Sai.

My Father is still recovering from his health issues. But I wanted to focus on something broader because when we remember Sai for a bigger cause, nature will take care of our own family. We don’t really have to worry about what’s happening to our dear one’s. Sai will take care of them.

OK friends.

Join me in Chanting “Om Sai Ram” praying for rain in villages of Maharashtra.

Om Sai Ram


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