We must chant Sai’s name so much that none would face difficulties when they are near us

Sairam friends,

I am not able to chant Sai’s holy name as often now a days but I never give up the habit of chanting in mind. Atleast for few minutes everyday, I chant ‘Sai Sai Sai” or Sai’s name as prefix followed by a Goddess name. Now a days, I am remembering Maha Saraswathi of Koothanur a lot. Couple of days back, I remembered my 2005 trip to Koothanur comparing it with my 2018 trip. I started having tears in my eyes as we have made temples so popular that people who had been there earlier can’t feel blissful.

Where are those mud roads?

Where are these beautiful, simple Agraharam infront of the temple street?

Where’s the old man who kissed Saraswathi’s photo as soon as I gave it to him?

Where’s that 1 Rupee White lotus and will I ever have time and patience to offer 108 lotus garland to the Mother again in my life?

Where’s that priest who had enough time to smile to me?

Where’s that women who was cleaning temple with water?

When I gave her some money, She said that she works in the near by school as a teacher? 

Where are those people of village in whom I discovered innocence?

Over the years most of what I loved in Koothanur has disappeared.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this.

Chanting holy name of Shirdi Saibaba in mind is not just for our own welfare. When I chant Sai’s name, its a blessing for everyone around me. It could be in a Bus or train I travel. It could be an office environment. It could be any where you travel. When you chant Sai Sai Sai, it will make sure none in who are in your proximity ever faces any major difficulty.

At times, I have this thought emerging in my mind that when I am driving, I say to Sai that there must not be any accidents when I travel. Not just for me but anyone else too. Atleast, it must not happen the moment I cross any place. If it does happen, it could be fate. But I have this belief that when I people are near me, they should be safe. This is because I always feel Sai lives in me. If Sai doesn’t live in me, he won’t control my life as he wishes.

It is Sai who’s showing what’s right and what’s not right for me. I am just externally living on my life. Deep inside, I know Sai is guiding me every moment.

When I do any mistakes, Sai warns me that I am not taking the right decision or right behaviour. So I try to change myself.

So chant Sai’s holy name.

It keeps everyone near and dear to you safe and peaceful. It will make them take right decision in life.

Prayed for this girl and my Sai friend

Last night, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple near office. I went there especially since the dream I had day before yesturday was really scary. I din’t write the dream as I experienced it because I can’t transparently write every detail of the dream. It was as if this girl at work is facing a problem that makes her go through worries. But the way it was described made me feel if Sai wants me to pray for her.

When I reached Saibaba temple, it was already closed. Dwarakamai was open and hence I prayed for her and another Sai friend Ishu.

I told Baba that though I don’t look at her, I assume She’s happy but his dreams carry a message that She isn’t. So I told him to take care of her. I also prayed for my Sai friend Ishu as I often fear something would happen to her. I call Ishu as a kutti fraud for all the stupidity she has done in past. She often says she trusts Sai will protect her.

Its my habit to pray for my dear one’s especially since I fear something would happen to them.

Please remember Sai every moment when ever you are not busy. Chant his holy name as much as you can in mind.

Never associate chanting or even worshipping Saibaba with your desires getting fulfilled.

Sai’s presence will assure you that you take the right decision in life.

You may not be successful but you also won’t loose out the game.

Sai will be your friend and guide you.

Om Sai Ram



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