Chanting is so powerful that it can change your fate

Sairam friends,

The past few days, I have been chanting “Sai Sita Ram” in my mind continuously. It’s not easy to do it since we get taken away by our day to day activities. So once in a while, I forget it. Later, When I remember that I am supposed to chant, I continue to chant with heart and soul.

This is one of the best ways to make Sai happy. You can make Saibaba trust you and your purity. You can also live without worrying much about life.

At night too, I keep a big version of Sai Satcharita and lay down. At times, I watch videos to learn something, and sometimes nowadays, I am listening to recitation of Sundara Kandam as my Mom used to read the holy book earlier. I message my Sister about how many honey Cashew’s I had on this day and go to sleep. he he….( She bought honey Cashew’s in a big box and I am yet to finish it. I told her that I am eating so much these days, not much physical work and hence putting on weight.) There’s a reason I say this – I should start cycling here in India too.

Sometimes, I wake up early in the morning and again chant Sai Sita Ram …Sai Sita Ram…Sai Sita Ram.

I feel really good for Sai blesses me with some dreams.

I can assure when you wholeheartedly chant, it’s so powerful that it can change your life.

Om Sai Ram


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