Learning helps you worry less, be more confident and Sai can also help you build a better life

Sairam friends,

This weekend has been productive because I made something that was in my mind for long. I asked approval from Sai if I can work on it and launched my new website to inspire and motivate students and professionals to learn and grow ahead in their career.

Here’s my story

The above link has my story and reason why I made the site. Though I thought its a short version of my journey, some of my Sai friends were not able to read even this version..he he. I was wondering if anyone is available on the internet to read the whole journey. That should be like a book!

I will be listing online courses and publish interviews of academicians in the new blog. I will also be able to stay in touch with current trend in the EdTech industry.

Let me clarify this. No matter how well learned you are, when you are worried or stressed, picking up a course or going to an workshop or conference certainly lights up your mind. Learning should be a day to day habit which can make you feel more confident.

When you are well learned, Saibaba can also help you easily.

If you are worried, stressed, disappointed or depressed, please focus on something positive. What’s more positive than striving hard to learn something new? You don’t have to spend much. Find an affordable course for yourself or simply learn a new language. Try going to places were you can surround yourself with well learned people.

I never say someone who’s intellectual or well learned can always be good but you can pick some good qualities from them. Have you experienced this in your life?

Someone will be very evil but they will do good to you and clear off from your life.

So believe in learning and meeting new people. Chances are that you might end up meeting someone honestly good.

There’s another reason I made this new blog.

A girl has been mailing me every single week asking if her boy friend will come back to her as she can’t bear the break-up. This girl should be well education, have a decent career and come from a good family. Why on Earth is she chasing a man who left her?

I was wondering

“Un boyfriend thirumbi varuvana maataana nu enaku epidi ma theriyum?”

I am as ordinary as you. Probably, some readers assume I have an aura behind my head. he he…I only lost all my hair in past 2 years. There’s nothing much inside my head also. I have Sai in my heart and he cares for me.

Sai himself doesn’t like any guy or a girl worrying about their relationship issues. So Sai wants you to focus on something more productive so that he can help you build a better future.

Though I am OK with my current job, I am not allowed to contribute much there. I simply do some odd stuff and passing my time. I felt there should be a purpose in my life and felt its better to show a way to people.

I love inspiring people to learn and grow ahead in their career and business.

Last evening, I went for a walk with Sathyam Dev my weekend walking friend. We went to Sakthi dham temple in Saibaba colony before reaching Nagasai mandir. I love Goddess Sita a lot these days. I kept chanting Sai Sita Ram. I took this featured photo in the temple and feeling happy to show you.

I told my Mom that I am always chanting Sai Sita Ram and feeling positive. She said, people only chant with Rama’s name and you are adding Sita to it. I told her, in North India,devotees use the word Sita Ram too.

Anyway,I wish to have relationship with divinity than girls in real life. As I get old, I should atleast have this realization. I feel I am close with Goddess Sita and as if Hanuman is playing around me when I am sleeping..he he..I think Hanumanji is cute.

Keep learning

Sai can help you build a good life

Help Sai to help you


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2 thoughts on “Learning helps you worry less, be more confident and Sai can also help you build a better life”

  1. dear Venkat brother..
    A very good initiative. It’s a grate blessing.
    Hearty wishes for.. SaiCourses.com.

    Om SaiRam !!

  2. Dear Venkat brother..
    Unexpectedly got chance to read this article again. I read the same article on 2018 and now year 2020.
    I’m planning to do a course
    And this article giving me enough motivation.
    Thanks for your time .. Sai inspiring you to write such articles for me like people who needs Sai’s guidance on time.

    Om Sai !!
    Sai Sita Ram !!

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