Plan B and alternatives to earn my living

Sairam friends,

In my previous article,I wrote why I shouldn’t resign from work for small issues. That’s a message for everyone because so many Sai devotees had wrote me that they resigned their previous job due to stress or some issues and were not able to find a better job. I really wanna delete the previous article as its funny that I wrote all these stuff but felt it might change someone’s attitude when they are considering to resign.

Trust me. I am simply sustaining. I am not happy too. Yesturday, I had to work closely with this guy was bothering me as we were preparing for an event. I felt he’s good in his own way and has lots of good qualities. Just that he assumes that I am going to take up his team and his work. Probably, he did not understand I had no such intention. He started showing off and I just wanted to work independently. I don’t have desire to be a lead etc and atleast not certainly by conflicts.

We should exist in an organization to spread kindness in every possible way.

Anyway, I realized that I may not enjoy this job in the long run. I also can’t run away from it. I have to hold on for time being.

Plan B

All of us think about Plan B but we are not implementing the same as we don’t have time for it. Thankfully, Sai has blessed me to work on something to earn my living. I have to work for my Startup without worrying about what happens to my current job.

Only because we are completely dependent on a job, we get stressed. We should have other ways to earn that will make us consider the current job we have is an option.

Having said that, not all will be able to successful in their Plan B and its OK to fail. That’s why its called Plan B. he he…

Just that work on the Plan B without leaving your job and you will realize that you will be more happy at work.

The more you reduce your dependency on your current job, the less stressed you will feel.

However, investing with loan or venture capital money on Plan B isn’t a great idea. As long as you can afford it with your current economic status, you are all set to do it. Else, don’t do it. Just enjoy all the stress at work.

Now a days, I think a lot and always feel sad. This is because I started getting worries that I am not doing anything that’s being practiced in the industry. I accepted being free to read a lot and watch videos most of the time before I went to U.S but now, I can’t be like that. What if I have to move to the U.S few years from now? I won’t get any job with my current knowledge. If I live in India too, what will I do after 5-6 years.

I don’t want to tell Saibaba that he failed me. Sai can only show us a way. We have to take efforts.

I woke up at 4. A.M once again today. I don’t really know why I can’t sleep well. I want all of you to be well learned when you are young because as you get old, you might have to hold on to a job even if you don’t like it because you should be responsible for your family.

Om Sai Ram


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