Karni Mata, Incarnation of Goddess Durga

Sairam friends, Though i live over 2000 miles away from the place where Karni Mata incarnated, i was inspired by Goddess Annapurani and Bhadra Kaali Amman to chant her only name along with name of our Shirdi Saibaba. In the month of August 2012, i was going through a relationship issue. I offered Green Saree … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba devotees for Japanese – Pray for food, shelter,water for japan earthquake, tsunami survivors

Sairam friends, Its our men, women and children who are struggling for life  : When things don’t happen to us it doesn’t pain much and our prayers may not be really that sincere. Trust me, when your dear ones had a head ache that pains and someone thousand mails away whos a total stranger to … Read more