Shirdi Saibaba devotees for Japanese – Pray for food, shelter,water for japan earthquake, tsunami survivors

Sairam friends,

Its our men, women and children who are struggling for life  :

When things don’t happen to us it doesn’t pain much and our prayers may not be really that sincere. Trust me, when your dear ones had a head ache that pains and someone thousand mails away whos a total stranger to you is struggling for life, thats  “Just a interesting breaking News” . All we  do is suffle between news channels for the latest breaking news from Japan every since the Earth quake and tsunami hit the eastern coast of Japan. To worsen the situation the Fukushima Nuclear reactors has started to emit dangerous nuclear radiation .

When you chant “Sai Ram , Sai Ram , Sai Ram for 5 minutes today, believe that someone in japan is getting what he/she needs the most :

japanese mother feeds child fukushima shelter
Japanese mother feeds child at a shelter in Tamura, fukushima

photo courtesy – Associated press – Japan earth quake tsunami photos

Hundreds of thousands of japanese living in and around 20 to 30 km from the nuclear plant are evacuated who are facing problems in getting clean Food, Shelter and water. I am sure the situation improves but what made me write this article is that when each one of us pray sainath whole heartedly lets believe someone in japan is blessed with good food, shelter and water …may be someone is saved or someone facing health issues is cured….or a mother searching for her son has reached him. We never know how what the millions of japanese needs at the moment.

Does prayers to God and Saint Shirdi Sai baba really make a change ?

I really din’t felt like praying this time friends because i feared when nature is doing its work we can’t do much but watch silently. I am not taking a helicopter and a rope to rescue someone crying for life and i am not prime minister of a country to send rescue workers and humanitarian aid. I am as ordinary as millions around the world who express their love and sympathy for japanese people.You might ask what can your prayers do. I believe it can.

When we do it as sincerely as if its for someone dear to us, our prayers become powerful and as i said above lets hope someone in japan or any part of the world needing a favour from God has been answered.

All i have is my Sai baba of Shirdi and to help millions of sai devotees realize what their 5 minutes of “Naam smaran ” – Chanting of Sai’s Holy name can do.

My experience after 2004 Tsunami – Prayers to Goddess of Nature :

I spent 5 hours everyday praying for nature goddess between 2004 december to 2006 every single day in Saibaba temple coming around dhuni and dedicating my prayers for Earth, Air, Fire, water and space and the Nature goddess to keep the good people safe when natural disaster happens.  For such a man who was motivated to pray for years due to the impact the 2004 tsunami created in me , i wonder why it took 3-4 days for me to realize Japanese people too needs our prayers.

I really did pray to shirdi saibaba in temple when ever i offered fire wood in the sacred dhuni every night in Nagasai mandhir. It was just few seconds of prayer to saibaba to do good to japanese people. Honestly i din’t care much about it other than my few seconds of prayers.

Today i cleaned the Sacred fire – Dhuni in Nagasai mandhir with my friend and was walking towards home when my friend Kanna called up and told me about the breaking news about the Nuclear radiation in Japan. I thought may be i din’t do what i am supposed to do.

May be we humans are so much used to disasters that untill it happens in our country or our neighbourhood  , we don’t connect to it emotionally or spiritually.  I saw clippings on news channel Children, Men and women in japan who were evacuated are in a hall and i realized how many of these kids are feeling uncomfortable , sick or thirsty or hungry and how many are in pain of missing their dear ones and relatives.

What can we do :

Join us to show devotion on Shirdi Sai baba or any God you love doing anything you like..

1. Chanting of Gods name you like and for Shirdi Saibaba devotees a simple chant of

Sai Ram

Sai Ram

Sai Ram

for 5 minutes and pray for japanese people.

2. You can light a lamp or candle in a temple or safe place in your home. Make sure you light lamp in a safe place and pray God to bring light in the lives of millions of japanese people.

3.  Close your eyes and mentally pray Shirdi Saibaba to do good to as many people who needs help at this moment.

Sai Ki jai

With love


Always in the holy feets of shirdi saibaba

15 :3: 2011

Note : Chantings can be done in mind whole heartedly remembering shirdi saibaba and not written as comments here to the article as  ” sairam , sairam sairam”….. You can post other comments , prayers related to the issues.

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