Lord Ganesha and Shirdi Sai Baba

Lord Ganesha Leela

There was a devotee of shirdi saibaba who was worshipping Sai remembering him as lord Ganesha himself. Every day he used to offer naivaidya for saibaba and sung lord ganesha’s mantra.

The devotee got a chance to go to shirdi and bowed to saibaba .

Sai at once said

” This man keeps a rat under my leg ”

The man was convinced that sai accepted his devotion to him as Ganesha.

lord ganesha
lord ganesha and shirdi saibaba leela

Lets realize that Saibaba accepts devotion of any kind in what ever way you perceive him, be it Ram, Shiva or Ganesha

Aum sri sai ram


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