Shirdi Sai baba helps a Devotee for a good married life

Sairam friends,

I got a mail from a devotee Charu few weeks back. I was reluctant to publish this leela because most shirdi sai baba devotees mails me asking why Sai baba gives hints , dreams but it doesn’t come true.I don’t want some devotees to wait too long expecting something to happen believing in such hints or dreams.

Honestly sai alone knows why some dreams come true and some doesn’t . We are his humble devotees and have to love sainath no matter what happens. Here’s a devotees experience about how Shirdi Sai Baba helped her for a Good married life.

Om sai ram

I am writing to share with u and other devotees a life changing miracle of our baba.
Forgive me if I cannot relate it as well as I am not a good writer.

Searching for Soul mate through Sai blessings :

In the year 2005 I was very depressed and sad as I wasn’t finding anyone to marry I was dejected  and didn’t trust anyone.I went to the Lodi road temple of saibaba and cried and told him that I don’t trust anyone and will not get married until the man who I have to marry comes with an I’d from baba.

Saibaba Vision : Face of a man charu might get married to :

I left the temple approximately a month later I howled myself to sleep and told baba to show the man I would marry in my dream or else I would believe there is no one for me..

Surely my baba showed me a face of a man with distinct features in my dream the man had 2deep dimples un mistakable.

I woke up believing there is someone for me and felt that baba has shown me a face that was good enough to move on that someone would come my way I remembered the face very clearly. my sister convinced me that I should believe in my dream but not to get fixated to the features or face as I had never met this man

Meeting the man i saw in dream :

2weeks or 3weeks later I went with my sister to the oberio hotel in Delhi for dinner where they had invited people for dinner and a friend of my brother in law was bringing a friend and his girlfriend with great reluctance I went I met everyone and I got introduced to the friend who when I saw I turned white it was the same face I dreamt of I looked at my sister and told her it’s him this man was there with his girlfriend who he wanted to marry I believed with conviction I met my destiny….months later I found out the gym he visited and was drawn to it his girlfriend moved to another city he was still with her we grew close as friends

Got married in 9 months :

His relationship went downhill as his father didn’t agree for the marriage in the mean time I didn’t tell him about my dream I use to get nervous con fussed all kinds of emotions.I once read  the sai sachitrata and went to the temple of baba in saket whilst praying to him I howled and asked him to reconvience me on whether this was who I was going to marry I told him that I was going to sing his bhajans with the crowd and I want to read this mans name in the bhajans believe it whilst singing his name came on 2occasions

I am a impatient devotee again a few months later I told baba that I would marry him if our horoscopes match with difficulty I got the time and had it matched… mind you… there was still nothing between me and this man we were friends he was battling marrying his girlfriend with his family and shortly my astrologer called and said it’s a match made in heaven 34 out of 36 gunas match…..

His girlfriend weeded away and we got together after which I shared my dream and in 9 months we got married with no hitch and are happy …saibaba gave me overwhelmingly


Note :  Sai dreams at times might not come true. This is because in few relationships sai would have predicted problems after marriage or after few years and instead of the couples living togather in reality sai would have shown it in dream to wash away the karma. This is my personal understanding . I write this because i never wish to create expectations in the heart of saibaba devotees.

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  1. last year 2010 my mother and me was going to shri sai temple early in morning aprrox 5am for chola & to see snaan.. it was dark no person on road .. no rickshaw anything. Temple is almost around 1.3 km from our house. we was little bit scared. i told my self in my heart that sai baba would make his divotees comfortable & also read in sai sachcharitra that baba help those people in travel who come for his darshan. he will only help us now. lets see how he wil help us. it was only in my heart ..i have not shared with my mother… as she has not read the sacchritra.

    than in one minute approx we have seen one scorpio achanak se.. i dnt knw from where it has come.,. as we have clearly saw that there was no transport like car bus etc.. duur durr thak.. than we ask for lift to that person (baba) age would be 45 yrs.. sitting in it.

    he said pls come & sit. me and my mother sit & we was little bit scared of him.. we said to drop us at next redlight from that we will manage. he didnt reply us. than he said where u have to go. i said sai mandir. we are not aware of sai baba magic. i have also seen even photo of sai baba on dash board. but didnt relaise the fact.

    he dropped us infront of sai temple without saying any word to us. now my mother open the door of car & goes out …. i was only there & offer him Rs.10/- he said “nai lene tere paise” with big smile face. i couldnt understand & goes out. as i was in hurry to see snaan of shri baba.

    later on i realise after finishing the aarti and going back home that wo or koi nai sai baba ya unka koi bhakht aaya humari help k lia.. till date one year gone i daily remember that day bfore sleeping. it was a vert grt exp.

    aarti sharma
    new delhi, india

  2. Sai Ram to all Shirdi Sai Bhakts

    I have just read abt the dream experience. This reminded me of the dream I had in 2006..let me relate my experience to all of u. I had some problems troubling me since 2002 with my relationship with my boyfriend. I was suspecting he was cheating on me. He was very nice and caring, but still I felt he was cheating on me with my best friend. The 3 of us used to work together. I went to Shirdi and asked Baba to help me..I was confused and could not fathom how to find about the truth. Near to my office also, there was a Sai Mandir, I used to visit it regularly and cry out with Baba. After some months I dropped off the idea of my boyfriend cheating on me, and the girl also left the job. However, we were still in touch with each other.

    Finally in 2006, out of nowhere, I dreamt of Baba. In the dream he showed me my boyfriend sitting at his office table and looking that dream my boyfriend apologised regretfully, crying and saying sorry, sorry for having cheating on me..When I woke up in the morning I was disturbed by the dream..

    After a week, the dream kept cropping up my mind, Baba guided me towards some tangible proofs about my boyfriend..letters he was sharing with my best friend..poems he wrote and copies of email exchanged..I put forward all the proofs in front of my boyfriend and he could not deny..

    Without the dream, I would have never ever know the truth..

    Thank you Baba. Om Sai Ram

  3. OM SAI RAM,

    This world is full of beauty but in human life its full of sorrow and happiness, we are bounded with this cyclic process . i have faced so many difficulties in my life like some hit and trial method but still i never leave my patience because of my strong believe on sai baba who is my all in all .
    i would like to share a incident of mine one day i was unable to handle a situation ,
    My bf left me before 4years , without any my mistake he left me , due to sai baba i have learnt to live in this world by baba’s grace i met with some1 else who loves my so much and i have told him everything about my past life ,day by day i forget everything of my past and i was more concern about my carrier ,
    one day again i mate with my past incident which makes me and my heart feel very week as i was thinking every time it will affect my present relation some boys laughs on me by saying some thing about me relating to my past . situation came so worst i decided to commit suicide , but don’t know before steeping towards hell i don’t know why i open internet and start searching sai baba’s quotes ,
    where i read an incident and that incident is same like me
    that one person was going to commit suicide for his past did but sai baba told there “if u will commit suicide again u will take another birth and u have to suffer the same , so y not u suffer in this birth and wash your past karma ” after reading this my eyes filled up with tears and i said forgive me to sai baba , u have given this body and i will not spoil like this , in that day i forgot everything and now i am writhing this article by SIRIDI sai baba’s grace .

  4. Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    We all belong to Saibaba’s Family. I Want to share one thing.. today if i am alive, that is only because of our SAI.. whenever my problems starts, my baba give me indications and immeditely baba will resolve that problem.

    In my life and as well as my friend’s life.. Baba has made lot of miracles..


    Thanks…. OMSAIRAM….

  5. Baba take good care of all ur devotees…i love u so much.. please i have lots of problem help me to face all the difficulties in my life

    if u feel bad sometimes and u cant do anythin at that time just sing about sai baba’s song in ur own words u will be alright withi a few seconds.let usall ge bleesings from shrdi ai baba. he will always surroun us and protect us from all kinds of dangers.


    Baba helped me in many issues in my life, whatever trouble i had faced he solved and also save me from alot of problem. Now im facing a big problem which makes me really so so worried, unhappy and crying all the time. im not the girl wat im am now, i want back my happy life. i can leave this life anymore, im dying each and everyday.
    For this i started to do my 9 Thursday’s Sai Vrat and without any doubt im so Confident that i will get my life back. Im still being so patience and also believe watever difficulties im facing now is only to be patience and to get a very happy and good life back as i wished for.
    Dear Baba i will write again once the mirracle that im waiting for become true soon.
    i thrust you and only u baba. I love You My Sai Appa. i cal my Sai as Sai appa. Love you so much appa.

  8. Om sai ram.. jai sai ram….

    Baba, all the devotee, request you, pray to u, but we all know very well that u know our every problem, few our problems are due to our bad sins in past and few difficulties we face in life , may be to get stronger and get the fruitful results…
    baba inspite of the fact that we trust you a lot and u give us strength, but some situations in life are soo difficult and problematic, painful, that we breakdown completely.. in that case we donot understand y it is happening and we do feel that may be our baba is not loving us… my condition is also like that..baba..

    since the time i got married, facing lots of finacial problem, husband is good loving also bt we are facing lots of financial crisis.. iam working alot, hard also , but wen money comes like salary , everything is finished…
    few problems are so critical, that cant express in words.. doc is telling to conceive fast as but i cannot plan as i have no money to run my house , how will i manage baaby, no own house.. baba.. husband is doing work but we are not getting money… baba no respect for my husband inmy family, all feel that he is useless, lazy, failure.. i cannot bear that.. coz i love my husband.. day to day failures, fights at home, insult can not be expressed… but u see me strugling daily… when u will help my husband so that he get good reputation in society, money.. my home my baby… when i lead satisfactory life, when will i feel that yes now if i wont work also i can get food at home… baba when will i b blessed wid baby… nothing is there in life only tears.. sorrow..
    sometime only 100 rs at month… and no money to travel to office also.. baba… pls help me please help me…. baba main mar jaungi… haste hoon toh lagta hai that its fake… baba..pls pls pls.. all say that my husband is useless person, he is waste.. pls give him power and good direction…. pls help us help u help us help us help us helpus helpus…… iam waiting for miracle.. baba i will be alwys obliged to u… thoda sa accha kar doo…

    sai kripa sai kripa karoo… baba kripa karoo

  9. om sai ram, sai nathaya namha….
    once i was coming from my office with a bike at about 6.00 PM. sudenly my bike stop in the road where no any help facility. i frquenly start my bike but no started. i was afraid because there is no any people for help. i remember shridi sai baba for help….then again i tried to start my bike. it was miracle…suddenly my bike started and no any problem i have reached to my house. from that day i realise sai baba realy present sorronding us. he listen our pray from heart. i never forget that day. every day i remeber that day. Jai sai nath. please help always in difficult time.
    OM Sai Nathaya Namha.

  10. Om sai rama..i m missng u so much baba..i miss ur temple..ur evenng aarti…ur updesh….ur prasad…..ur evrythng baba….mujhe aisi jagah kyu bhej diya jaha apka mandir hi nai.hai..aarti bhi nai hoti…i miss evrythng..i mis my mental peace..i love u baba so much…i m very thankful to u so much for ur trust in me and dat u have me a chance to become ur devotee..i want to serve nd believe in you throughout my life…i dont want to be selfish bt want to giv my selfless devotion..i m thankful to u for makng me face the society….presently d only wish I have is dat u plz do something so dat my father wont be stressed bcoz of me…plz Baba aap to sab jante hain..mujhe aap par pura vishwas hai..gud night baba…om sai rama..shri sai rama..hare hare Krishna radhe radhe shyam..plz baba mujhe shirdi jaroor bulana is baar..jab apko theek lage..dhanyawad..

  11. sai ram…

    i loved to say sai ram all the time… i believe sai baba and i trust him… im so happy in my life….. tankiu baba

  12. Baba u r very much aware of my married life problems plz help me i m tired now nd hav no hope left only u can help me plz baba.

  13. Sai ma

    Please re-unite me with my husband. I cannot withstand this pain that my husband & my in laws are angry with me. Please make them realize that they have committed mistake yelling at me, hitting me and being mean, laughing at me. Mai please bring my husband back to me. After i did 9 thursday’s sai vratha and saked for mangalya you brought my husband into my life. You know all my grief since I married 3 years ago. I beg you to bring my husband back to me and let us have a peaceful married life and be together for life. I am waiting wit shradda ans saburi but the grief hurts so much. You know my pain constant grief. Please reunite me with my husand. Please let me wear my mangalya once again, this time for the rest of my life.

  14. I am very happy because of baba, i want to leave in this world with the blessings of baba and i love baba so much. He solved all the problems in my life and he helped me in every second and he gave punar life i.e. second life. He gave me many times which i thought of eating. my child could not walk as other childs i wept
    beofre baba and with the help of baba my child is running today She is reading nicely, I am happy because of baba,

    Om sri sai ram, Om sri sai ram, Om sri sai ram,

  15. om sai ram
    baba me and my family having trouble last 15 years still not resolve , what i will do i am devotee of urs,if all problem solved i will come to shiridi with my family all member.

  16. jai SAI BABA ki……
    sai baba ur great u bestow ur blessing upon ur devotees that is no doubt..i want to relate one of the miracle which made myself to believe my baba, my sai baba…
    I was in class 12., it was my board exam, I was little upset with my preparation,for the account paper…I was crying by holding baba’s photo to ….”help me, so that whatever I have learnt it must come in the exam or else I will fail in that subject….”.
    on the day of exam I was scared I was closing my eyes and was praying to sai baba…. u will not believe what happen later….
    when I received my question paper in my hand I was going through it and I was surprise to see that the compulsory part was the same as I prepared…NOT ONLY THAT the most surprise thing was that in that main problem there was written…’SAI OF SHIRDI’…from that very moment I started believing u baba u really guided me in my difficult situations, in my crisis… baba u r kripalu, u are my GURU, u are my baba as my father is no more u are my heavenly earthly baba… be be merciful on this stupid girl ur my SHAD GURU, GUIDE ME HELP ME SO THAT I COULD OVERCOME ANY DIFFICULT situations of my life, so that I could struggle the fight of my life…. baba at present I am facing some new problems which need to be solved….I believe u my baba and I hope u will guide me without u my problem shall not be solved only with ur kripa dristi it can be solved…And after it get solved I will share it with u all….. thank u baba tomar kripa dristhi amar upor rekho…ae papi ta ke doya koro….amar maa keo bhalo rekho, tomar asirwad dio…jibon a saffollo ano…tomar shri-choroney ektu thai dio…..
    sai Samarth….
    sai Samarth….
    sai Samarth…. love u sai baba…
    shad guru sainath maharaj ki jai…

  17. Jaisairam, I want to thank sai baba to give such a wonderful life to me even i was not upto that level.

    My sai Bhai please help , i have waited n trusted you alot. please sab kuch sahi kardo please sai bhai.

    I have already suffered alot .please remove caste and religion system too.

    omsairam jaisairam.

    Love you shree sai ji

    Thank you sai

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