Shirdi Saibaba devotees,do little you can to rebuild Visakhapatnam

Sairam friends,

There are many Telugu speaking Shirdi Saibaba devotees. I have immense respect for them since they adopted Sai movement early in 1970’s, 80’s.

I had requested Sai devotees to do Group Chanting in 2011 when Japan was hit by Tsunami, U.S Government Shutdown and when flood hit Uttarakhand.

In fact StarSai itself was created couple of days before Tsunami hit South Asia in 2004.  When ever we come across such Natural Devastation in News, we speak about it few days and then forget it.

I live in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and the news about cyclone Hudhud which devastated Vizag was just another breaking news. We will speak about the photos we saw online and not have a single minute to do anything about it. We just feel pity about the people who have lost their dear ones, valuables, earnings etc.

Having access to food, transportation and reaching school, college will be a problem too in cyclone hit areas.

Think about restoring Electricity and providing water to every home. I wonder how the Government is going to rebuild Visakhapatnam as its easy to say but takes some time. Until then,  People of Vizag will have to wait with patience.

According to Wikipedia – Hudhud caused extensive damage to the city of Visakhapatnam and the neighboring districts of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh. Damages are estimated to be between INR60000 crore (US$9.7 billion) to INR70000 crore (US$11 billion), with assessments still underway.

Do I really believe in Chanting?

I do but what can Chanting the holy name of Saint Shirdi Saibaba do?

One can rather contribute to the Chief Minister’s fund or any fund collected to restore normal life in Vizag.

You can also help few people whom you know personally with little you can afford.

Some people in Vizag are engaged in Voluntary service to cleanup the city.

There are so many good deeds you can do to rebuild this beautiful Vizag.

In the past 10 years, I have received mails from few Saibaba devotees living in Andhra and some of them are from Vizag too. They are not my close friends but I see them as part of Sai Family.

I am going to do chanting for 3 hours from 6 P.M to 9 P.M on October 18th 2014 for welfare of people in Vizag and all the places where people are suffering due to the cyclone Hudhud ( In Andhra Pradesh and Odisha).

If you can practically do anything good for people living in these areas where cyclone was hit, please do little you can.

If you live far away, please pray for the welfare of people.

If you are spiritual, you are most welcome to allot your own time to do Chanting of any Gods or Saints you love.

If you are a Shirdi Saibaba devotee, keep doing naam smaran you like at least for 10 minutes.

Trust me, I believe in chanting.

I am going to chant “Sai,Sai, Sai”

May Shirdi Saibaba bless you Andhra.

“Jai Hind”


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  1. Am a Telugu speaking Baba devotee….My friends and few relatives lives there.. They are facing the calamity with a brave heart.May baba bless the city ….and hope they get back their charming city

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