How many of you light lamps in home everyday?

Sairam friends, I have been spreading the greatness of Lighting lamps in home and temple for years now. Many saints in ancient India has sacrificed their entire life time giving importance to lighting a simple earthen lamps. Shirdi Sai baba himself indirectly conveyed the message of Lighting lamps by lighting lamps in his holy Dwarakamai … Read more

Sai baba’s leela -2 An Encounter with the Ghost

sairam dear friends i hope u’ll liked the 1st leela of baba.sorry today i’m posting the story very late.let me share another leela of baba with u’ll nw. AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE GHOST “shree satchidanand satguru sainath maharaj ki jai” This is an experience with mr.tarkad,on one of his visits to shirdi on a particular … Read more