Sai baba’s leela -2 An Encounter with the Ghost

sairam dear friends i hope u’ll liked the 1st leela of baba.sorry today i’m posting the story very late.let me share another leela of baba with u’ll nw.

“shree satchidanand satguru sainath maharaj ki jai”

This is an experience with mr.tarkad,on one of his visits to shirdi on a particular day in the morning he was performing his morning duty in shirdi.this was near the bank of the rivulet and he was sitting under the pipal was still dark and there appeared a wild cock.the cock attracted mr.tarkad’s attention and came near him and suddenly it turned in to a black coloured snake.the snake rose and took an upright position over there and expanded his body.

He got scared and started praying baba for help.after smtime the snake was scared to death.suddenly he heard smone saying”hey mansa(human) u r sitting in my way from where i pass daily .i order u to move away from my way”. in no time a small dwarf like ugly looking person stood in front of him..but,mr.tarkad did not move he said he’ll move from there¬† only after completing his daily rituals.then the dwarf started growing taller and said “its my territory and i once again order u to move away from here.”though mr.tarkad was scared bt for him ,only baba cd order him in shirdi as he reckons him to be the master of the place and nobody then lifted handful of mud and taking Saibaba’s name threw it on that tall standing image and prayed baba to come for the rescue.he saw a big line of smoke in place of that image which disappeared in the thin air .

mr.Tarkad literally ran away from the place and went to dwarkamai.he fell on baba’s feet baba jokingly asked him”bhau early in the morning why u were seeking the help of my “udi” ?he then said”bhau u did a good job today .u hv given mukti to that vetal(ghost).mr.tarkad thanked baba and asked him whether these ghosts and witches are true things in this world ? ( if i cd hv hd such scary experience i cd never hv asked anyone if its true that too after such memorable experience………..ha ha ha)

anyways coming bk to the story baba said “bhau this is also the creation of the lord. but remember the saviour is always stronger than the distroyer is .while i’m sitting in this sacred dwarkamai no one can inflict any harm to fearless”.

friends,when i opened the book this story came right in front of of me.actually had some issue in the office hv a meeting tom with the base manager for the same .i was jst telling venkat i’m not scared coz i’m speaking truth and baba will surely be with me tom coz he knows better who is right.through this story baba answered me he is with me.i love him.



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  1. JAI SAI RAM , i am ingronent Iget knowledge fro m sai’s web sites SAI BABA’S iearned devotees like all of U thanks JAI DEVA a pakistani ardent devotee

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