A friends help to get Job and call to Samadhi mandhir of Shirdi Sai baba

Hi friends, I got the below sai leela from a sai child Vishnu vardhan …

Dear Sai devotees,

Bow to Sai nath Maharaj,

I would like to share with you all how Saibaba( Our father) demonstrated that he is still with us and among with us.It had been around 12 years since I had not been to shirdi.When I was young I visited shirdi not aware of sai and his greatness. In 2008 i had to resign my job due to some personal reasons. I spent around 8 months at home besides learing Spanish language.

As our elders say that ‘an idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop’ I got in to serious depression and was suffering from psychosomatic disorder. I had been to many a hospital and the doctors advised that I should keep myself busy all the time and asked me to get in to a Job. I worked for Citi Financial as a manager but resigned due to huge sales pressure. As advised by doctors I started looking out for a job but could not succeed. I lost all my hopes and I was in despair. Then one day I went to Sai baba’s temple which is near my apartment where I stay. I did even know as to why I opted to go to this particular temple. I went inside and sat for around 1 hour with tears in my eyes. I was just pleading him to save me from these tough times.20 days passed by, I was desperately waiting as to see whether my prayer would bear a fruit.

One fine day I met my colleague near sai’s temple. We worked together in Citi financial a year ago and were out of touch. She inquired about  me and I told her my condition. We casually exchanged our cell numbers .I still did not loose hope and I continued going to temple. A week later I received a call from her asking me to come for an interview in her company for the Post of Manager. MY joy knew no bounds. I went to the interview and I was selected for the same.My was over the ninth cloud the reason being that I was from marketing field and had no HR experience. Due to sai’s grace I got selected as a manager where in my job is more in to HR related matters as I had theory knowledge of HR in MBA.

No one could help me other than Sai.My bow to him with reverence and devotion.

As time went by, my longing to visit shirdi had augmented and I was praying to baba that he should call me to shirdi.

In the month of Nov 2009 on 15th I had the good fortune of going to shirdi along with my father and his friends. Its my second visit after 12 years. We boarded in a hotel and after taking bath we all went near the main shrine. I told my father that I wanted to buy peda(sweet).We all went to a small shop and bought some peda packets.As we were about to leave the shop a fakir dressed in green kafni turned up and  stretched his bowl but did not ask anything. My father immediately took out a rupee coin and put it in the bowl. Then we started moving from that place. The fakir followed us and he stopped me asking that he wanted (thera ruppaya)(RS 13) from me but my father asked him to leave us. Then the Fakir insisted upon me that he wants money from me but not from others. Then I realized that I should not make the mistake of driving him away so I gave him RS 13 and he left the place. It was Sunday Nov 15th 2009, the queue was long and packed up .We were thinking as to how we should have darshan.Then a gentleman came towards us asking as to what we want. We shared our concern with him and he arranged the VIP darshan by collecting some amount from us .We all stood in the line.
Myself, my Uncle and his colleague started discussing about Shirdi samstan. I picked up the topic stating that we had to pay amount in order to have the dharshan of baba and also  I added that we had to pay  amount in an illegal way to get in to the temple and out of sheer ignorance I uttered a sentence saying “we can buy baba and have his dharshan my paying money”.

Then my uncle reprimanded saying that it’s not always possible. As we were proceeding in the queue the security closed the gate saying that they cannot allow us inside. Myself, my uncle and his colleague remained out while my father and his friends were allowed inside. I was astounded and started hurting myself.

We three lost hopes and I thought to myself that I was not a true devotee of baba as I was proud and could not control my words due to which we could not  have his dharshan.Then we three went to gurustan and sat there. Then a person with shawl and Prasad came to us and gave it to us saying that it was baba’s Prasad. We accepted it gleefully and distributed among the devotees.

But my pain did not subside. I was imploring baba to forgive me .And the worst part was he had to leave shirdi the same day .Our return journey tickets got booked in Manmaad Express and we had to go to Nagarsol.

I prayed to Baba in thousand ways but could not get in to the temple. My father and his colleagues came out of Samadhi mandir after attending Madhyan arti . I told my father that I would not be leaving shirdi unless I have the dharshan of baba and attend sandhya arthi.

My father asked me not to behave in a childlike manner but I stuck to my decision.

I was almost in to tears. Around 4 30 we all visited Dwarakamai and chavadi but my hunger and thirst did not appease. Then my uncle called up the guy who arranged the tickets for us in the morning. He enquired whether he can arrange 3 tickets for sandhya arthi.The agent agreed to it .

We were desperately waiting in the queue. It was 5 50 Pm.The security officials opened the gates and  we went running inside. We reached the Samadhi room.I from a distance looked at the baba statue and tears started rolling down with out my knowledge. To my heart’s content I cried before him for forgiving me and allowing me to enter the Samadhi Mandir.I felt as if all my troubles vanished I m secure under the shade of baba.

Dear Friends,

With this experience of mine I learnt a great lesson that Unless he(sai baba) wills one one can even take a step forward and

we should go to him with pure devotion and love but not with heaps of Ahankaar (Ego).

Indeed I am proud to share my experience with you all and with much conviction I can say that he is always there with us taking care of his children and making there wishes true.

May we all remain his loved children drinking the nectar of this Leelas.

Jai Sai ram.

Contributed by Vishnu Vardhan.

3 thoughts on “A friends help to get Job and call to Samadhi mandhir of Shirdi Sai baba”

  1. Request you to kindly spare with the spelling mistakes that were committed in the article.Please note that “With this experience of mine I learnt a great lesson that Unless he(sai baba) wills ,on one can even take a step forward” is the right sentence.

    Sai ram

  2. Dear All

    I am sai Devotee i would like to share my experience with all

    From past 2 years i was searching for job i was facing lot of problems like if i get a job then they wont pay on time salary or if they pay on time i had a target and they use trouble like anything so i quit that job

    i thought i should light lamp every thrusday so i started lighting the second week i got a call from reputed company saying that you have been shortlisted for a interview pls come an attend. i was so happy and amazing

    1000’s of thanks to Sai baba.

    Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

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