shirdi saibaba miracle curing mothers health

sairam friends, a good sai child sent me her sai miracle experience

Sai ram venkat
My name is sujata patnaik.I read u r articles on sai baba & was very happy knowing so much on baba. I too love baba a lot.Infact saying that i’m alive today & sending u this mail is all because of baba won’t b wrong.

I had experienced a lot of miracles in my real life of baba. Sometime earlier nearly a year ago baba came into my dream & said that my mother is going to be too ill but not to worry about that he’ll look after her and no harm would happen to her.But at that time my mother was perfectly alright. I was tensed but also had faith on baba.

Nearly after 10 days later my mother had a problem and was taken to hospital where the doctor revealed that my mother had tumour in her stomach. we all were very worried as her health was detoriating day by day.But as baba said earlier he looked after everything and now she is recovering at a  faster rate

. At that time doctor said that ther was no cure other than operation but by the divine grace of baba she is perfectly allright today & the recent reports say that the size of tumour has reduced considerably. I’m very very much thankful to baba.

And now, also to u because u made me remember things i had forgotten regarding baba. After reading ur articles & watching the collection of baba’s photos i was rejoiced with lots & lots of energy which filled in me lots of courage to face my problems as now a days i’m surrounded by lots of problem

Can u please do me a favour please reply me & let other sai devotees know my this story. I would eagerly wait for ur reply.

Om Sai Ram.
Sujata Patnaik

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  1. my name is anandamma i have read what happening in your life sujatha i got job of nursing but i dont like because of far away from my place but

  2. Have faith in Sri Shirdi Sai Baba; Have faith in your self; Have faith in Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. This circle is the lead to invoke Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings, for the dearest, nearest, closeest, all and for self. Jai Jai Jai Ho Om Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

  3. Sairam Sujatha,
    Dont worry everything will be alright. Our beloved Sai and lord Dattatreya will take care of all our pain and sorrows. Just surrender to them wholeheartedly.
    Jai Guru Datta
    Om Sairam,

  4. Saibaba is our mother,father and guru.He takes care of every devotee who loves Him.I humbly pray to Him that whoever reads these articles get His blessings.

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