Its Saibabas house. Sai will take care of painting

Sairam friends,

I wanna share a beautiful leela.

my parents started painting works in house .A painter came n painted kitchen. Suddenly after 2 days he was saying i wont paint the windows and doors and we must pay extra.

I dint like this behaviour also. He comes to paint like collector. Morning 11 to evening 4 .I  got irritated. so payed him and asked to leave. My parents were worried but i told baba u take care.

A week before itself i got a dream in where i hear the name  “Kandhasamy venkat.”

i asked my friend why i got this dream in name of a movie..he he.Then my father arranged a new painter today.Hes a old man and does work properly. He has painted our colony Ganesha temple and he used to smile to me once in a while  as he know me for 2 years. I Found that his name is kandhasamy.

Sai takes care of little things in our house . Its the same for every sweet sai devotees who are reading this. When you face problems in day to day life , dont take immediately decisions .

You know when the first painter rudely spoke, my parents tried for other painter who asked for more money. Then they decided to be calm and finally sai choosed who has to paint his house.

If you love sai and all in your family love sai , its sai family. Its Sai house. Doesnt he knows what to do for his own house and when to do it and with how much expenses ?

Sai, you are our shelter.

Bless everyone who reads this with peaceful shelter.

Om sainathaya namaha


7 : 12 : 2009

2 thoughts on “Its Saibabas house. Sai will take care of painting”

  1. :)om sai ram:)

    om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai

  2. yes,it is very true.Sainath knows what is the best and suitable for us.We need to surrender his feet totally to allow his bleesings to shower upon us.OM SAI SREE SAI JAI JAI SAI,

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